Weekend Reading

Happy Saturday!  I’m excited to take my favorite reformer pilates class this morning and then tomorrow night I’m going to a charity comedy show that’s rumored to have some people from Curb Your Enthusiasm show up (obsessed).  Here are my favorite reads for the week…

Speaking of Curb, I just stumbled across this article appropriately dubbed “I wish I were Larry David’s cool daughter.”

I’ve been making the salad pictured above all week and it’s so good, guys. All of the ingredients are from this amazing grocery delivery company called Milk and Eggs; if you’re in the LA or Orange County area, I highly recommend them. And you can get $20 off $40 or more with code JAMIESTONE 🙂 And you can see the salad ingredients in my Instagram post here.

The teenagers who marched for their lives are just so inspiring. I teared up while reading this…

I just can’t with Ben Affleck’s back tattoo but I’m FOR this Elle.com story where they had a tattoo artist “decode” his tatt, lol.

If you haven’t already watched Alone Together you need to get on board. It’s SO FUNNY and very relatable if you live in Los Angeles.

As a self-proclaimed cat lady, I love these pet DIY projects (good for dogs as well).

My friend Leah spent 72 hours in Charleston, South Carolina and since I’m going next month I plan on totally copying her schedule! She has some great recommendations for restaurants, bars, etc.

I went on a bit of an online shopping spree this week, mostly because I’ve been feeling a little blah in the clothing department. I bought this red floral dress (yes, I already have two similar ones, ha), these hi-rise jeans – I’ve never tried this brand before but we’ll see how it goes, and this boater hat for summer.  The jeans were actually the only expensive thing that I bought so #SorryNotSorry.

Urban Daddy and, apparently, The New York Times are insisting that Instagram is the new Tinder? I disagree (and you know this if you’ve been watching my IG Stories, lol).


What I bought on Amazon:

  • Nothing! It was a slow week apparently 🙂

Weekend Reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend!  Tomorrow I’ll be celebrating my girl Sydne’s birthday with an all-day yoga and meditation session, followed by me watching hours of Sunday night TV, haha. But here are my favorite reads from the week…

My friend Kelly talks about a 30-day declutter challenge that I really, REALLY want to do.

These 90s hair accessories are bringing back some serious memories (and major laughs).

A “zero waste” kitchen seems pretty impossible but some of these eco-friendly products are pretty awesome (and useful).

I LOVE THIS. 15 life lessons we learned from Sex and The City’s Samantha Jones

And this- 20 random acts of kindness that you can do today. <3 Spread the love.

This is horrifying, but hilarious.  Nine women share their most mortifying social media mishaps.

I’m currently watching the new Netflix documentary “Take Your Pills,” which talks about the country’s obsession with Adderall and the incessant need to “get ahead”- super interesting.

The velvet fringe dress I wore to my birthday dinner is on sale for $62! It’s so comfortable and I got a ton of compliments.

I’ve been using this lip sleeping mask every night and my lips have never been softer.

What I bought on Amazon:

This week’s buys were kind of boring, but extremely useful.

  • I had to re-stock up on my favorite grain-free Siete tortillas! These are seriously SO good.
  • Speaking of, after seeing this brand on Shark Tank, I decided to try Palmini pasta. We’ll see how it goes…
  • My nephew is obsessed with Stranger Things so I bought this card to send to him
  • My nephew also kept asking to use my sleep mask when I was in New York the other week so I ordered him a kid-sized version.

Here Are 5 Beauty Products You Need When You’re Traveling

Because I never fly with out these essentials…


Can’t Sleep? Here Are 5 Products That Help Me Fall Asleep Fast.

Because if falling asleep is a struggle for you, you need to read this…


Weekend Reading


I’m the first to admit that I always #eyeroll every time one of the Kardasian-Jenner’s posts an Insta Story or Snap of one of their lavish flower arrangements. That money could be put to better use via a charity…just saying.

Are you following me on Pinterest yet? I’ve been pinning tons of content to my “lips are moving” board, as well as my “healthy food” board (both my faves).

Julia from Lemon Stripes did a great Acupuncture 101 post; acupuncture has done wonders for my back and is actually (shockingly) covered by my health insurance!

These new DIY rubber face masks make such a great gift (or fun for a girls night).

If you cry as much as I do every time that ASPCA commercial comes on TV then this post on 6 easy ways to help homeless animals should be a must-read for you.

Leandra from Man Repeller watched Fifty Shades Freed so we don’t have to. Spoilers ahead but if you don’t plan on seeing the movie, this will satisfy any questions that you have, haha.

Here, my friend Amy Nadine (celeb makeup artist) shares her story about infertility and adopting two beautiful boys. Get the tissues out for this one, guys.

Speaking of kids, my friend Andrea wrote this great piece for the Coveteur about how leaving New York made her a better mom <3

This is a great Q&A about moving on from adult friendship breakups– they can be so rough!

These 50 Tony Robbins’ quotes are pretty inspiring. My favorite: “progress = happiness.”

What I bought on Amazon: