The easiest way to reduce the appearance of scars

Because you don’t know one person who doesn’t have at least one scar, right…


A few years ago I decided to remove a sunspot on my leg that I swore to my derm was getting “bigger.” He definitely thought I was overreacting and said the spot was totally normal but, just because skin cancer runs in my family, I asked him to just remove it so I could get out of my hypochondriac head. He said removing it would be “no big process,” and he was right, but it DID leave a light scar that I notice every time I look down at my leg now…and that’s super annoying, right?

Mederma approached me a few weeks ago and asked if I was interested in testing out their Advanced Scar Gel and, obviously, I was excited to try the product out on my leg scar since I’ve known for years that Mederma is THE scar-fighting product (seriously, it’s the number one doctor and pharmacist-recommended scar brand).

It’s only been about three weeks since I’ve been using the gel, but I definitely DO see a little improvement- normally it takes about eight weeks to see results on newer scars (which this scar is NOT), and about three to six months to see results on older scars. That said, given the limited time I’ve been testing this, I’m super impressed and will continue to use it until my leg scar diminishes in size and color (fingers crossed).

The 1X daily treatment is actually clinically proven to reduce the appearance of scars (and you guys know I love a clinical study); it works on old scars, new scars, acne scars, surgery scars, and even scars from burns and cuts! The cut scar factor is also a big plus for me, since I have two crazy cats who are constantly accidentally scratching me…anyone with me on that one? Lol.

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