Holiday Gift Guide: Your Adventurous Skincare Junkie Friend

Because there’s one in every group.

You know you have that friend who will try literally any kind of skincare product…

I’m a bit of a skincare junkie myself, not gonna lie.  Here are a few fun skincare products that make great gifts, mostly because they’re just super fun.

1. Baby Pet Cat Sheet Mask: I’m wearing this sheet mask in the photo above; even if you’re not a super cat lady like I am, anyone would like this.

2. Facial Ice Roller: I just ordered this roller for myself because, well, ice is just really good for your skin.  It helps to de-puff and I should also mention this roller is great if you get migraines…or you’re hungover.

3. Patchology PoshPeel PediCure: I’m a big-time Baby Foot fan but I recently tried Patchology’s version and it’s just as intensely satisfying 🙂

4. Boscia Tsubaki Jelly Ball Cleanser: I absolutely LOVE the charcoal version which is why the limited-edition Tsubaki version is 100% going to be gifted this year. My nephew actually tried the charcoal version (he’s eight) and he thought it was the funniest thing ever.

5. Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier: Is it magic? Maybe. I tried this mask for the first time when Dr. Brandt had an event in LA and I was mesmerized at how the product literally comes off with the included magnet.

6. GlamGlow Gravity Mud Power Rangers Mask: A green and/or gold peel-off face mask? Yes, please.  The brand released these special shades in a collab with Power Rangers and I’m really, really into it.

7. Panasonic Electric Pore Cleanser: I don’t really have large pores but a lot of my friends complain about big pores, so this is kind of a hilarious/perfect gift.

8. Nanette De Gaspe The Uplift Revealed Tush: At first glance I was like “wait, what? A butt lifting patch? OK.”  But, gotta say, people love this product and it has great reviews.  The product claims to help “re-shape the contours of the buttocks area while restoring firmness, suppleness and bounce for a visually more sculpted tush.”  Can’t beat that, right?


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