New Find: Tree Hut Skincare

It’s rare that I haven’t tried at least one product from every skincare brand out there (yes, I don’t deny that skincare is definitely my favorite), but when I got an email about Tree Hut Skincare I immediately checked out their site with curiosity… READ MORE

3 Products That Will Give You That California Glow

Because I’m just a pale girl living in a super tan world…


The Coolest Gold Face Mask Ever

Because I was inspired by all the Met Gala beauty prep selfies…


3 Books To Read This Summer

Because (in full disclosure) my friends wrote these books, but I swear all three are AMAZING


The New Product That Will Straight Up Get Rid of Your Rosacea

I’ve talked about my mild rosacea many times over the years but, for those of you who aren’t familiar (or one of the 16 million Americans who currently have it), rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness or flushing of the face and, in some cases, bumps, pimples and skin thickening. Over the years I’ve managed to mostly hide my redness via foundation and tinted moisturizer…but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think twice before going outside barefaced. And it kinda sucks, to be honest…


My West Hollywood Apartment Tour

It’s been almost one year since I moved into my new West Hollywood apartment and it’s crazy to think about how long it takes to decorate a home (especially when you’re a little slow with unpacking, like I am, lol.)  Tha said, when I decided that I wanted to really invest in new pieces for my best apartment yet, I reached out to an interior designer friend of mine who I always thought was insanely talented.  Dee Murphy has an innate knack at mixing patterns and color, which I knew I wanted, and she was excited to take on my apartment with me!  I shared my home decor Pinterest board with her, along with a quick convo about things I like versus things I really don’t like, etc. and we were off.

The awesome team at Joss & Main were also nice enough to give me most of the pieces in my dining room, as well as some pieces for my living room and bedroom!  I was excited to work with Dee to select pieces from Joss & Main, specifically, because I’ve always felt that they have a really great (and huge) selection of items that match a ton of different styles.  In my mind I wanted  a Jonathan Adler meets The Parker Hotel Palm Springs kinda glamour, which we totally got with the living room, but then Dee challenged me a bit to expand my style with the dining room and bedroom…and Joss & Main was honestly a great source to go to first.

What do you guys think?!  One thing Dee really taught me is that decorating is kind of a forever thing.  Meaning that just because you buy something for a specific spot, it’s common to realize after the fact that it looks better somewhere else.  I’ve actually moved many things around even since we shot these photos!

Make sure to come back soon because I also have a separate blog post planned to show how I did two DIY projects (one including my green bedroom dresser) and I also plan to show my bathroom (hello beauty stash) and kitchen via video! 🙂

Side note: Glitter Guide featured my apartment as well, along with tips from Dee and I on how to maximize a small space so make sure to check out those tips!

AND Dee just posted her own tour of my apartment, including some insane “before” shots from right when I moved into my apartment!

Click over to see the FULL tour…