Here’s Why Marshmallow Is Actually Awesome For Your Skin

Because marshmallow isn’t just great in s’mores and hot chocolate…


5 of My New Drugstore Beauty Favorites

Because we all love a good drugstore find, especially when it comes to makeup…


Weekend Reading


I’m the first to admit that I always #eyeroll every time one of the Kardasian-Jenner’s posts an Insta Story or Snap of one of their lavish flower arrangements. That money could be put to better use via a charity…just saying.

Are you following me on Pinterest yet? I’ve been pinning tons of content to my “lips are moving” board, as well as my “healthy food” board (both my faves).

Julia from Lemon Stripes did a great Acupuncture 101 post; acupuncture has done wonders for my back and is actually (shockingly) covered by my health insurance!

These new DIY rubber face masks make such a great gift (or fun for a girls night).

If you cry as much as I do every time that ASPCA commercial comes on TV then this post on 6 easy ways to help homeless animals should be a must-read for you.

Leandra from Man Repeller watched Fifty Shades Freed so we don’t have to. Spoilers ahead but if you don’t plan on seeing the movie, this will satisfy any questions that you have, haha.

Here, my friend Amy Nadine (celeb makeup artist) shares her story about infertility and adopting two beautiful boys. Get the tissues out for this one, guys.

Speaking of kids, my friend Andrea wrote this great piece for the Coveteur about how leaving New York made her a better mom <3

This is a great Q&A about moving on from adult friendship breakups– they can be so rough!

These 50 Tony Robbins’ quotes are pretty inspiring. My favorite: “progress = happiness.”

What I bought on Amazon:


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Get the Softest Lips EVER with These Scrubs (+ three masks!)

Because you guys loved my post on the best lip oils and these are the very best lip scrubs around (+ three lip masks!)…


Reader Question: My Favorite Exfoliator Was Discontinued!

Hi Jamie,

I’ve been using the same Chanel exfoliator for years and they just discontinued it! I realize now that I probably could use a whole new regimen now that I’m in my 30s. Can you help? I have what you would probably consider “normal” skin. I also really love a calming scent for anything I use at night!