Reader Question: Eyelash Tinting

Hi Jamie! Do you have any thoughts on lash tinting? I have fair skin and red hair and light eyelashes. I am looking to try something the accentuates them, but still looks natural. Thoughts?



Hi Ashley,


I’m all for lash tinting if you feel like it will make your life easier. Personally, I like mascara but if you’d rather run out the door and not think about it I am TOTALLY with you.  A few things to consider…

Go somewhere reputable.

Thankfully the internet provides us all with the ability to read reviews, because when it comes to anything with your face, I always swear by the rule of NOT skimping. That means, I’m not about the Groupon for Botox, brow tinting, etc.  That said, Benefit Cosmetics actually does lash tinting and since they’re a super reputable brand I would 100% trust their people.  You can also use Yelp to find a local expert if you’re not near a Benefit store.

It doesn’t last forever (or even a few months).

Basically lash tinting lasts as long as my blonde hair color…typically 4-6 weeks. If you’re cool with that than awesome but just realize this is something you’re going to have to do often (and it will add up $$).

Your eyes WILL burn.

I’ve never done lash tinting but when asking around every single person said it 100% does sting during the application process. Not a big deal if it’s something you really want, but if you’re super sensitive it might not be for you.  A friend described it as “slightly spicy, like hot pepper.”

Say bye to your oil-based makeup remover.

Again, this isn’t a biggie but it’s something to consider. If you’re all about that twelve-step Korean skincare regimen, think twice.  You can’t use anything oil-based on your eyes, as it will strip the tint (instead, use a cream cleanser).

I hope this helps- let me know how it goes! 🙂


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