5 Root Touch-Up Products That Actually Work

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7 Beauty Products Your Mom Will Love

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3 New-ish Dry Shampoos That Smell AMAZING

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How to get the EXACT Kardashian/Jenner hair styles, direct from their stylist

So, I’ve been working furiously on an Iceland Travel Guide from my trip last week (as well as a few other posts as well) but, in the meantime, I got the chance to grill Kardashian hair stylist Jen Atkin at the BeautyWorks clip-In class with Mane University and, of course, immediately asked her to reveal exactly how to get a few of our all-time favorite Kardashian/Jenner looks. Each reality star’s look is different but definitely achievable at home, and here’s how to do it…


The 6 Best Drugstore Beauty Products Used at the Oscars

First of all, how insane was Hailee Steinfeld’s dress? Show stopper. When it came to her hair, celebrity hair stylist Chris Appleton was inspired by the intricate detailing of her dress to create a sleek and sculpted modern updo style. “We went for a bold style to complement the mixture of classic and modern vibe given from her gown.”

Appleton applied TONI&GUY Style Spray Wax throughout the top section of her hair for a high-shine effect and began curling her hair using a 1-inch curling iron.

Here are the other drugstore beauty product winners from this year’s Oscars…

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Reader Question: How do I fix my fried hair?

Hello, Jamie!

I’m emailing you now because I’m in a (literal) hair CRISIS and after reading your blog I feel like you could provide some insight and advice on what I should do. 

To make long story short, I wanted to dye my hair blonde and, as you would assume any smart hair stylist would do, we would approach this gradually and proceed with highlights. NOPE. She smacked the bleach onto my hair and now my hair is butchered. Ruined. I went from having medium length hair to now having short, uneven and over-processed hair. And when I say uneven, one side of my hair is 3 to 4 inches shorter than the other. When I left the salon I had not seen the damage and she told me I would need to deep condition my hair once a week but within a few days half of my hair had fallen out. So, essentially, she FRIED my hair off! I’ve attached images of my hair so you can see. 

So, my only question is: What do I do? 

I’m in a situation where if I cut off all the “damage” I’ll be left with barely any hair, and if I don’t do anything I’ll be suffering for months with drastically uneven hair. Currently, I’m lathering my hair in conditioning treatments and I’m alternating shampoos with Kerastase and Bumble and Bumble Thickening. 

Thanks so much, and I hope to hear from you soon.​