Tested: KKW Beauty Crème Contour & Highlight Kit

Because this review is long overdue but you need this in your life…

Truth be told, I bought Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty Crème Contour & Highlight Kit as soon as it was available…in “light,” of course.

I tested it, loved it and then promptly forgot to shoot it for the blog.

That being said, my photographer was over a few weeks ago to shoot our usual content and I realized it was time to show exactly how I Kontour my face like a Kardashian.

And, guys, it’s really good. I was actually really surprised at how the kit is to use AND the fact the product is super creamy and blends flawlessly.

After applying the highlighter side in an upside down triangle, I use the foam side of the brush to blend it in.

Then I always do the darker shade on my cheeks and chin (since that’s where you want to actually see the contour).

I use the kabuki side of the brush to blend out my cheeks.

Then blend out the jawline in a circular motion.

Voila. It seriously takes about 5 minutes.

What do you guys think? Have you tried any of Kim’s products?

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