Here’s how to manage your blonde highlights during Coronavirus

how to manage your blonde highlights during Coronavirus

Because if you’re someone who does blonde highlights it’s pretty rough right now…

If you’re a dyed blonde then you’re probably dealing with the same root situation that I’m dealing with right now…and it’s not so fun!  Of course, there are way more important things going on the in the world to be worried about right now. But I’d be lying if I tried to claim that seeing my brown roots (and weird patch of grey hair!) grow in more and more didn’t bother me, you know?  So, I decided to ask my colorist Dawn Tracey (she works at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills) for some of her best tips.  It’s pretty much all any balayage or highlighted blonde can do right now. And just know that we’re all in this together!

Also, I did a blog post a few years ago on root touch up products that actually work, and I still stand by all of these picks. I also want to add that I’ve been currently using the DpHue Color Touch-Up Spray and it’s really, really good. I love that it has two ways to spray and the color blends really well without leaving any residue.

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Here’s how to manage your blonde balayage or blonde foil highlights during Coronavirus

Sit tight and just let your color grow out.

“For my highlight and balayage clients, I’m telling them to just sit tight!  This is not the time to start experimenting just because you are bored!  If you’ve never done a base or one-process color before (i.e. to cover your grey or to lift your natural color), now is definitely not the time to do it.  You could easily end up creating a hair color mistake that will look worse than if you’d just left it alone. And it could also lead to expensive color corrections when this is all over. Too bad Coronavirus is a few years late to the ombré party!”

Try a tinted conditioner to extend the life of your current blonde highlights.

If your hair is feeling dull or flat, Dawn suggests refreshing your color by shampooing with a mixture of baking soda and your regular shampoo, followed by a deep conditioner. “This should brighten the hair color just a bit. Think of it like exfoliating the hair and then doing a deep moisturizing treatment after. A lot of highlighted or balayage blondes tend to turn a little brassy from minerals in the water.  Most highlighted blondes (and brunettes) have a go-to purple or blue shampoo or conditioner that they like.”

That said, Dawn prefers tinted conditioners (vs tinted shampoo) because you can mix them with your favorite conditioner to dilute the intensity. “I prefer blue over purple for both blondes and brunettes, but blondes should definitely mix it with their conditioner. This is not something that should be used with every wash, but rather every fifth wash or so,” explains Dawn.

If you simply MUST use a box dye…

“If you’re going to use box dye, I’d suggest not looking at the color on the box because they often don’t correlate to the color that you’ll get.  A lot of times people pick a box based on the color on the box and it has nothing to do with their own color.  Pick a color that you are and not one that you WANT to be.”

Another note: Dawn explains that unless you’re a redhead, stay away from gold. “Most people should choose an ash color…don’t worry, it won’t end up ashy but it will prevent you from going brassy or yellow/ orange color.”

And if you’re more concerned about greys…

“If you have a lot of grey, go with neutral or natural tones. I’d suggest choosing a color one shade lighter than you think you want. Also, unless you’re going to enlist the help of someone you’re quarantining with, just apply the dye to the parts of your head that you can see.”  Dawn recommends L’Oréal Magic Root Rescue because it’s “easy to apply and works fast.”

When it comes to applying it, Dawn suggests starting at your hairline. Then working your way down on both sides of your part and finishing up with your crown. “If you like, you can add in the nape of your neck.  I also suggest, putting on a robe or button down shirt or wrapping your body with a towel so you’re not having to pull your favorite sweat shit or tee over your head before you shower. Just make sure the clothes you’re wearing aren’t favorites. And cover any porous surfaces with an old sheet or towel to protect your bathroom.”

If you do base color (not balayage or blonde foil highlights), ask your colorist for a custom kit.

“For my own clients (who do base color and not highlights), I am dropping off curbside kits (to keep my social distance) that include enough color for the hairline, part and crown.  Basically, the places my clients can see and well as their coworkers, and friends on Zoom and House Party! Ask your stylist if they are delivering curbside kits as well.”


Photo by Azusa Takano

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