Tuesday Web Candy

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This is the best thing I’ve seen all week.  The Love List is doing a “Dead Celebrity Gift Guide,” starting with Bea Arthur TheLoveList

The cutest DIY feather peplum topStripes and Sequins

Get the look: Beyonce at the 2010 Grammy’s

So while watching the Grammy’s at my friend Robin’s apartment, my friends and I were all “wait…does Beyonce have glitter in her hair?”  Yes, yes she did.  When I got a pitch email today for the actual product that she wore, I simply HAD to share.  Though I have to admit that Beyonce annoys the crap out of me, she is definitely talented and a hard worker…and, apparently, likes her bling.


ColorOn Leopard Eyes

So ever since I saw a Beyonce video for “Kitty Kat” where she had leopard print eyes, I’ve REALLY wanted to try it…but obviously never did because 1- I don’t really have the patience and 2- WHERE would I really wear leopard print eyes? Well at least now, if I ever do actually decide to try this look, it can be done super easy and fast. ColorOn has a whole kit with other patterns as well…though none as cool as leopard print.