Paris Hilton…Creative?

So she had her moment in the sun when she was the A-list “it girl” and now…I’m not going to go as far that she’s not A-list but there’s a distinct difference between say the Jennifer Garners and Reese Witherspoons of the world vs. the Lauren Conrads, Paris Hiltons and Nicole Richies (not that I don’t love ’em). Anyway, I was quite shocked when I saw this story on Perez about Paris Hilton’s new CRAFT LINE. Apparently it’s going to be craft “kits” to make jewelry, scrapbooking and fabric embellishment. WOW. I just really hope everything isn’t covered in the color pink and tiny little dogs.

She’s going to be attending the Craft & Hobby Assosciation 2009 Winter Convention & Tradeshow in Anaheim, CA (hometown of my Gwen Stefani!) on January 25th for an hour between 2 and 3PM for anyone in the area!


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