Shiseido IBUKI Multi Solution Gel

IBUKI Multi Solution Gel

Because zits are the WORST…

This past week I had three, count them, THREE zits on my face.  Sure, they weren’t the epically terrible kind that feel like they have a pulse, and they did go away pretty fast…but seriously WTF?  I hardly ever break out so when I do, I go into this instant attack mode.  How can I get rid of it?  And how can I do it quickly?

In a stroke of luck, I actually received the new Shiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Gel a few weeks prior so I decided that I would put the fate of my face into this new product, mostly because I fully trust Shiseido when it comes to good skincare.

The result? Two of my three pimples were gone by THE NEXT DAY.  I am not kidding.  The third pimple (the largest of the three) looked a LOT better the next day, and was completely gone two days after that.  Not bad, not bad at all…am I right?!

The new Ibuki Multi Solution Gel, aside from being green and looking so fun to put on, uses 0.5% salicylic acid, one of the best acne treatment ingredients, to repair the breakout and roughness, while also helping with the appearance of visible pores.  I also love that it’s a GEL formula, which provides really fab moisture to my dry/sensitive skin.  I used this on clean skin but you can also lightly dab it over makeup if you’re at work or in a place where you can’t immediately wash your face, which is awesome.

Ohhh, and they’ve done their research…

In a consumer survey of the results the next day after use:
– 80% felt skin’s roughness improved
– 89% felt areas with skin troubles become softer and more supple
– 80% felt areas with skin troubles became smoother


IBUKI Multi Solution Gel

How cool is the fact that it’s green? It kinda reminds me of that slime stuff (aka GAK) we used to play with as 90s kids…

IBUKI Multi Solution Gel


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