How to get full eyebrows


Back in the day, before my quarter life crisis, I was a BIG America’s Next Top Model fan—I mean like, who wasn’t?  But for some super weird reason, one episode stands out in my mind more than any other.  In the particular scene, Tyra Banks informs one of the contestants about the importance of filling in her sparse brows.  Tyra even confesses that her own makeup artist chastises her whenever she goes out and has her picture taken without her “eyebrows on.”  Oddly enough, that phrase has stuck with me since and now, I never leave the house without my “eyebrows on.”

That’s why, with the announcement of Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne‘s relationship, I decided to emulate the supermodel’s signature brows and put on my own for #beautynewbie.



So to create the look, I used BENEFIT GIMME BROW in MEDIUM DEEP.  I applied the wand to my brows with short and light strokes, paying special attention to naturally sparser areas and focusing on the front areas to give it a more natural look.  I also extended the fill past my natural line to create a bolder feel.  Finally, I swept over each brow with a brow brush to ensure that the gel was spread evenly without clumps.

Now if only I could look as cute with crossed-eyes….


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Hannah Cranston, Assistant Editor

Reader Question: How can I get thicker eyebrows?

how to get thicker eyebrows

Hey girl, hey.

I need your beauty help.  I need a serum or product that will help fill in a bald spot in my eyebrows. I want the hair to grow back so I don’t have to fill it in with a powder.  Any ideas?

– “A”

Hi A!

This is a really great question because who doesn’t want fuller eyebrows?!  Here are three really good suggestions, and you can even use them all together if you really want to go crazy 🙂  Good luck and keep me posted with your results!

1. Viviscal: I’ve personally been using Viviscal for about a year and am super impressed with the results.  I actually use it to make the hair on my head thicker, but I’ve definitely also noticed that my leg hair grows back faster and it’s been shown to also help with eyebrows!  This supplement contains a combination of marine proteins, acerola cherry (an antioxidant), and horsetail extract, a form of silica — all of which are good for promoting healthy hair growth and hydrated follicles.

2. Latisse: Most people use this for their eyelashes but you can also put it on your eyebrows; it’s pretty much the gold standard of hair growth.

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced: During clinical studies, 100% of testers said they had noticeable eyebrow growth after using this product…pretty awesome.  This serum is formulated with an advanced Pentapeptide chain and is rich in botanical extracts and vitamins to help strengthen and condition skin and brow hair. With regular, twice-daily use, this product helps you to achieve fuller, longer, and more youthful-looking brows with less breakage.