Going Out Purse Essentials

in my purse 2

At this point in my life, I have my “going out” essentials pretty down pat, but still use a little reminder that my friend Anne Fritz Linval told me about YEARS ago.  It’s actually quite genius…it’s the acronym “MILK.”  Money, ID, Lipgloss, Keys.  Now, of course, you can also add cell phone and a few other things to MILK but when it comes down to it, you’ll be a-ok if you just have those four items.  Here’s a list of what I bring out with me when  I go out:

The clutch// Of course, this depends on your outfit, but I’m loving this sequin version lately since the color is a sort of neutral metallic and matches pretty much anything.

Money (M)// Obviously, you need this.  I like to bring at least $5 in cash, which is good for tipping and/or valet, and then a credit card.

ID (I)// Most people are good with just a license, but I like to air on the side of caution and also bring my insurance card just in case I get into an accident or get injured. God, I sound just like my mother right now…


7 Weird Purses For Spring

weird purses


I still remember the very first designer bag that I bought myself, Kate Spade, obviously.  It was cheetah print and awesome.  I rocked it with the utmost of confidence even though it wasn’t Gucci or Louis Vuitton like my Long Island cohorts used, but I didn’t care.  These “weird” purses all really resonate with me for various reasons, but the main reason being that they’re AWESOME.  Enjoy.

1//House of Holland Starburst Bag

2//Lulu Guinness Neon Lips Clutch

3//Kate Spade Vita Riva Wicker Lemon

4//Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Crossbody Bag

5//Charlotte Olympia Gummi Bear Acrylic Clutch

6//Pixie Market My Little Pony Clutch

7//Kate Spade Grand Tour Wicker Camera Bag

Spring Fling

bebe spring fling

There aren’t really many brands that I would drive almost two hours to see (and also on my birthday), but I do love me some BEBE.  Ok, so the event was actually only six miles from my house, but since my birthday/the event also happened to be on the same morning as the LA Marathon, I ended up getting lost in the Hollywood Hills trying to find a way to get south of Sunset Blvd…these are #LAProblems, OK?  Regardless, BEBE dressed me in this Strapless Tribal Mini Dress that made me feel like post-baby Kim Kardashian, but here’s the thing…I was completely hungover from my birthday party the night before.  I questioned whether or not to reveal exactly WHY I’m not sharing any full body shots with you guys but, truth be told, I look GOD AWFUL in them so #SorryImNotSorry I’m not posting them.  You can see part of me in the photo above, very strategically hiding behind Rachael and An, I might add…this ain’t my first rodeo.

I digress.  Hangover and insane heat aside, I love a good BEBE Spring Fling, hosted by Sydne Summer; we dined, we laughed, we chatted and, of course, we/I drank champagne to help cure the aftermath of my birthday party.

Also make sure to check out last year’s event HERE.

be spring fling 5

bebe spring fling 2

bebe spring fling table


I would Drape myself in velvet


 Escada, Tadashi Shoji, Tocca, Josie Natori and Hellessy


Guys, the Fashion Week runways are overflowing with VELVET, and I’m loving every second of it.  Why, you ask?  Well, read my post about how to look chic while wearing pajamas where I also explain how I spent an entire semester of college wearing an orange Hofstra hoodie and black velour sweatpants…velour, the poor man’s velvet.  But velvet?  It’s just so luxe.  I think I first considered velvet as a wardrobe choice after watching THIS episode of  Seinfeld because, guys, velvet IS a choice.  It’s not easy to pull off but I’m absolutely going to venture out and try to “drape myself” as often and as much as possible.


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Get The Look: Gwen Stefani At The Pumpkin Patch

gwen pumpkin

I recently came across this photo of Gwen Stefani (pregnant with her third child, btw) taking her two boys, Kingston and Zuma, to a California pumpkin patch for Halloween…and nearly died.  First off, she is probably the hottest pregnant woman EVER and second, how cute is this casual cool outfit?  Here’s how you can re-create the look:

Gwen Stefani fashion


Victoria’s Secret The Date Push-up Bra

LNA Modal-Jersey Tank

Citizens of Humanity Distressed True Denim Straight in Slash

GAP Leopard Jacquard Sweater