Tuesday Web Candy

Tuesday Web Candy


16 women we should ALL be thankful forRefinery29.com

Miley’s AMA performance, with an electronic background cat, makes me love her that much more – IntoTheGloss.com

Apparently the Aunt market is ever-growing. I like being called a PANK – NYMag.com

Amber is giving away a T3 blow dryer and shower head (the holy grail of hair tools). Enter it now – Rouge18.com

Get ready for Kristen’s “12 Days of Kristmas”…TONS of good giveaways – GlitterNGlue.com

I think solid perfumes are just uber elegant and I’m loving this round up – Byrdie.com

Tuesday Web Candy

Tuesday Web Candy

Now I get it…the Kate Middleton thing…OMG Samantha Parkington HuffingtonPost.com

I don’t even care how weird this is, I just LOVE the idea of green lipstick NYMag.com

Pizza perfume?  Sure, why not? – Allure.com

30 sweatshirts you can wear to work?  Also, they feature my girl Kristen from GlitterNGlue.com – BuzzFeed.com

I’m a big pajama pants advocate, and I also love how Kelly styled these – KellyGoLightly.com

My friend Devon introduced me to the Puppy Chow phenomenon a few years ago and I was instantly obsessed – People.com 

Tuesday Web Candy

Tuesday Web Candy

It should come as NO SURPRISE why I’m really into this animal sweater and sweatshirt trend – InStyle.com

I’ve always been excited about hot chocolate but adding lavender?  Pure genius – ALaModeJournals.com

The king, aka Jay Z, aka HOVA, has come out with a perfume…what took him so long? – NYMag.com

I’m currently using this YOLO desktop background…and make sure you check back every week for a new “dress your tech” from Bri…they’re amazing – DesignLoveFest.com

When Heidi Klum commits to a Halloween costume, she REALLY commits – Allure.com

Amber lists out a few pop culture beauty things that she (and we all) are still waiting for…hello Jane Jetson – BeautyBloggingJunkie.com

Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy

I love this craft room makeoverAFabLife.com

A mac ‘n cheese burger? I mean. What will they think of next? – People.com

Bryce discusses the proper way to break up with someone; I share just one example of the insane messages I get – TheLuxurySpot.com

SexyPop popcorn. You MUST read this story, it’s hilarious – Fashionista.com

Apparently Tinder is the new online dating “thing”NYMag.com

Wow, I feel like the grossest girl in the world after reading this post about brasBeautyBloggingJunkie.com

Tuesday Web Candy

Tuesday Web Candy

Emily made the most delicious-looking pumpkin pasta from her local farmer’s market – Cupcakes and Cashmere

This made me giggle. Someone finally came up with a list of rules for calling in sick when you’re really hungoverNY Magazine

Fall is really catching on.  I love this list of DIY ways you can enjoy itBuzzfeed

I’m OBSESSED with this DIY sweatshirt that Kristen came up with. Must-HAVE – Glitter N Glue

Deborah Lippmann’s Wicked nail polish collection reminds me of childhood awesomeness – Beauty Blogging Junkie

I literally laughed out loud at at this compilation of 90s Halloween costumesBrit + Co.

Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy


A very accurate list of things single people hate hearingBuzzfeed

The best part of Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance was the crowd reaction shotsUs Magazine

Tory Burch is coming out with a beauty line and I’m soooo into this – She Finds

I always have fun in Vegas but this R29 story just added a bunch of new things to do for my next trip – Refinery29

Apparently people really do have random hook ups at weddings?  I always thought it was an urban legend – NY Mag

A great list of items to keep in your car trunk for fashion emergencies – Glamour

Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy

I really like this palm trinket dish (that’s on sale!) and I might spray paint it gold – Anthropologie

Is anyone else like EXTREMELY jealous of Lake Bell? I mean. – New York Magazine

A good cheat sheet on exactly what kind of hair brush you should be usingAllure

A cookies ‘n cream martini?  Yes, please. – A Beautiful Mess

I love this DIY idea.  Use an old frame to make a coffee table tray! – Real Simple

The ramen burger.  What will they think of next? And, WHEN is this coming to LA? – Refinery29