Things Making Me Happy: 10.16.20

Things Making Me Happy: 11.16.20

Hiiii friends!  I have a good feeling about this week and I’m not sure why, ha, but let’s go with it.  I have a bunch of holiday gift guides coming at you starting tomorrow and, personally, I’m looking forward to shopping for my nephew (though my gift guides clearly have nothing to do with an 11-year old) 🙂 Enjoy!

Things Making Me Happy: 11.16.20

Things Making Me Happy: 11.16.20

Sydne Summer Leopard Face Mask

My friend Sydne launched the best face masks and daintiest mask necklaces at the beginning of COVID, and this leopard face mask is my absolute favorite; it’s comfortable (the fabric and adjustable ear straps!) and breathable, yet they are also COVID-safe (I.e. double layer cotton).  Love, love, love.

Sydne Summer Leopard Face Mask, $14

Things Making Me Happy: 11.16.20

Happy Dance CBD Skincare

I love pretty much everything and anything that Kristen Bell does, but when she launched a CBD skincare line, Happy Dance, I knew it would be a must-try.  I haven’t tried all three products yet but so far I am L-O-V-I-N-G the CBD Coconut Melt; it smells like a tropical island vacation (which we all need right about now) and, with 225 mg of CBD, it can be used as a skin moisturizer, a belly balm, a hand and cuticle hydrator, a makeup remover, a post-shave moisturizer, a hair mask…and, yeah, probably a lot more that I will think of later 🙂

Happy Dance CBD products, $15-$30

Drive-in Movies

Drive-in Movies

Drive-in movies are my latest obsession and, yes, I do go to them alone – it’s the perfect COVID solo weekend activity!  They’re not cheap, at least not here in LA (unless you drive all the way to Riverside), but it’s totally worth the spend, in my opinion.  I watched Jurassic Park (the OG) at The Greek Theater on Saturday night, from the comfort of my own car…with a Zinque Le Bowl by my side.  I drove home feeling like I had actually DONE SOMETHING on a SATURDAY NIGHT…for the first time in a long time.  Highly recommend finding a drive-in movie near you!

image via Los Angeles Times

Copycat Jon & Vinny's Spicy Fusilli

Copycat Jon & Vinny’s Spicy Fusilli

There’s just something so comforting and amazing about Jon & Vinny’s Spicy Fusilli – if you don’t live in LA, you’re in luck.  My friend Olivia confirmed that the recipe posted by Bon Appetit is, in fact, legit and super easy to make.  I’ve been working on a lightened up version that hopefully tastes just as good, so stay tuned for that.

image via Olivia Frescura

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