April Amazon Favorites

Because it’s that time again…

My Favorite April Amazon Purchases

A straw that prevents lip wrinkles

I caught a glimpse of myself sipping from my water tumbler over Zoom the other week and, my god, I was shocked. I looked like I was sucking on a lemon, and it made me realize that this constant pursing motion is going to 100 percent cause wrinkles around the mouth. I did some digging, and this  reusable straw has been SO GOOD. It’s wider at the mouth, making it so that you’re not as pursed when sipping. LOVE.

Portable bluetooth speaker

I bought one of these for my nephew last Christmas (per his request), and after seeing that my friend Gaby had the same one and how well it works, I was sold. Once charged, you get 10 hours of play time, plus it’s powerful and also waterproof. Love this for summers at the beach or my pool!

A hair product to make your roots look thicker

These hair-building fibers were first recommended to me by a trichologist I met when I first moved to LA, and I’ve been using it ever since! He told me it’s the red carpet secret of every celebrity male over 40, and it’s honestly so good if your hair is thin/thinning, or even if you just want a root boost. Basically the fiber powder hooks on to your existing hair and kind of fills it out so that it looks thicker. It’s magic, I tell you. I get the shade Light Brown since my roots are typically darker than my blonde hair.

A matching short set for summer

I saw Megan from Somewhere Lately post an IG Story of her wearing this set and hit “add to cart” immediately. It comes in 12 colors and I, of course, went with black. Love this set, and I’m not even a big shorts girl. It’s just so chic and easy.

Thickening brow gel

I don’t do much to my eyebrows, but the one thing I’ve been using the last few years is Glossier Boy Brow. I found that it gave me just a subtle tint of color, and also filled in the slightly sparse areas that I have. That said, I had seen some good (and also cheaper) alternatives on TikTok and decided to give this one a try. OBSESSED. Honestly, it’s just as good as Boy Brow, but for $7 less.

The best chocolate snack

Chocolate covered strawberries is one of my favorite snacks, but they’re obviously not readily available at the grocery store (except for Valentine’s Day). I tried this freeze-dried version earlier this month and WOW they’re so good. Highly recommend.

Seashell butter molds

I saw Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere post these seashell molds (for candy, butter, etc.) that she used to butter her toast and it was another immediate “add to cart.” Mermaid toast? Always a good decision. Honestly, making shell-shaped butter just adds a little extra joy to my bread, you know what I mean?

A strawberry-scented bikini scrub

For anyone who waxes or sugars (my favorite) their bikini area, you know you need a good pre and post-treatment scrub. I love this one; it smells legit like strawberries, and it’s gentle, yet does a good job at preventing ingrown hairs.

A makeup brush cleanser that actually works

I don’t know why, but for years I used whatever crappy makeup brush cleanser I found in my beauty stockpile…and honestly none of them worked. I finally decided to do some research and find one that had good reviews. This one, which also works on makeup sponges, is SO GOOD. I’m annoyed at myself for not buying it years ago.

My new favorite lounge set

You guys know I love a black and white set, and this one comes in 17 colors and is so comfy and chic. It’s short-sleeved, so also perfect for spring/summer. I just love this one. Get it before it sells out again.

Heart drop earrings

I’m pretty sure these are a dupe, but I didn’t know that when I grabbed them up. I just think they’re so cute, and also super lightweight!

Cat acne scrubber and cleanser

Lastly, and this is very niche cat lady content…but I absolutely HAVE to tell you about this cat acne chin scrubber and cleanser. My cat Gemma gets little chin blackheads all the time and I stumbled across this scrubber and decided to give it a try. The results? OMG IT WORKS. And the best part? She actually LIKES when I use it on her. Honestly, scrubbing both of my cat’s chins is my new obsession. Clean chins for everyone! I told my mom that I’m bringing it over to her house the next time I visit so I can scrub her cat’s chins, too. I’m sick. But trust me and get this.

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