But what happens after my eggs are retrieved?

procedure of my eggs are retrieved

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I spent most of April documenting my egg-freezing journey.  And, let me tell you, freezing my eggs was expensive. It was mentally and physically draining on my body (blog post on the whole experience coming soon).  Today, I want to talk about what happens AFTER the eggs are retrieved – if I’m being honest, this process isn’t something I even thought to ask about.  READ MORE

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Because these are my faves from March…


Things Making Me Happy: 3.15.21

Things Making Me Happy: 3.15.21 | lawless lip plumper

Things Making Me Happy: 3.15.21

Hi friends!

Last week was my birthday and so, because of that, I felt like taking a mini vacation (and did!).  Honestly, I did the bare minimum work-wise for the first time in a LONG time and it felt amazing.  This whole pandemic really just made me appreciate the value of days off and time away, you know?  I hope your week is off to a great start…here are a few things making me happy right now…