My Valentine’s Day Dinner Party

Because I wanted to host a little dinner for my single friends…


Things Making Me Happy: 9.26.22

hocus pocus candle for 9.26.22

Happy Monday, friends.  Sorry for the lack of blog posts last week – you may have seen that I’m launching a product and last week was pretty much fully dedicated to getting this ready for the big launch (!)  I don’t have an exact launch date just yet, but it will be VERY soon, this I can promise.  Make sure you sign up for my email newsletter to get early access to the launch 🙂

Here’s a fun list of things making me happy right now…

Things Making Me Happy: 9.13.22

one of the Things Making Me Happy: 9.13.22 is the method hand wash

Because you absolutely NEED this hand soap…


The Monday Rundown

Chocolate Chip Cookie Greek Yogurt:
 I’ve been on a big greek yogurt kick lately so when I came across this recipe that explains how to turn it into something that tastes like CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH, I mean…this is basically heaven in a bowl.

Love Heals Wrap Bracelets: Available at one of the coolest stores in LA, Planet Blue, not only are these bracelets super cute but I also love the fact that Love Heals, a California-based company (btw), plants 10 trees in Ethiopia for each design sold.  To date, more than one million trees have been planted, which is pretty rad, as they say here in Cali.

WTF Do I Wear Today? Canvas Art Print: Since I ask myself this question pretty much EVERY morning (and yeah, sometimes afternoon), I really love the idea of hanging this canvas print up so I can laugh at myself.

Zoey Van Jones ZVJ EyebrowShaping Stencil Kit: Not to brag but my eyebrows are naturally pretty awesome.  I really don’t have to do much work on them and believe it or not, I’ve never had them waxed or threaded!  My sister, on the otherhand, recently royally effed up her brows.  And I mean that she effed them up to the point that she was crying and Face-timed me so I could see how they look.  It was bad, I can’t lie.  I wish I had known about these stencils before she took the tweezers to her face and made a HUGE mess!  She’ll be getting these in the mail ASAP to prevent any future brow mishaps.

Super Bowl 2013 Survival Skills (for all of us who don’t care)

The Super Bowl.  Yes…I bet you never thought that you’d read about such an event on THIS blog, right?  Well there comes a time when you (and I) have to accept that the Super Bowl is an event that you can’t avoid, especially if you have a boyfriend, husband or even a ton of guy friends.  Here’s my cheat sheet to surviving the most boring day of the year:

1. Learn which teams are playing.  You don’t need to know details, just learn their names, colors and what city/state they’re from.  This year, it’s the San Francisco (California!) 49ers versus the Baltimore (Maryland) Ravens.  San Fran is red and gold and the Ravens are a purplish blue and black.  Check.

2. Find a good cocktail that you can drink for the whole game.
 Belvedere Vodka created a delicious concoction called “The Big Easy,” obviously named after New Orleans (where the SB is taking place) and I’m way into it.

  • 1.5 oz. Belvedere Citrus
  • 3/4 oz. Canton ginger liqueur
  • 1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice
  • Apple cider top
  • Shake and strain citrus, lemon juice and Canton into a highball filled with cubed ice
  • Garnish with a lemon slice

3. Accessorize with “your” team’s colors.  Now, I don’t have a team, per se, but since I live in California, I feel the need to support the 49ers.  And luckily for me, I have a TON of red and gold but if you don’t, try just throwing on some gold bracelets and earrings.  Easy.

4. Find some (somewhat) healthy food to eat.
 Aside from Halloween, I can’t really think of another day where you might possibly eat more junk food.  Not that I don’t LOVE fried wings and nachos, but ya know…we gotta keep it in CHECK.  Here a few great, healthy recipes that I found on various sites:

Lemon Drop Chicken Wings

Roasted Tomato Hummus

Zucchini French Fries

Quinoa Stuffed Bell Pepper

The Monday Rundown

Lemon, quinoa, avocado, cilantro chickpea salad: As of late, I’ve been really into quinoa so it was pretty clear that I would love this salad that also happens to consist of several other ingredients that I love: avocado, cilantro and chick peas.  Granted, I know a LOT of people hate cilantro so I’m sure you could take that out of the recipe and be just fine.

Jouer Pochette: I was in Portland for New Year’s Eve this year and my friends and I were all gawking and ahhing over Nadine’s little pink pochette from Jouer Cosmetics!  It’s the perfect size for going out since you can fit your cash, ID, credit cards AND iPhone inside.  Of course, I immediately got one in brown.

House of Harlow 1960 Talon crystal cuff: By now you all know about my obsession with all things House of Harlow 1960, so it should come as no surprise that I found yet another new piece that I love.  Talons.  And crystals…I mean.

Plum & Bow Metallic Cat Pillow: I find this metallic cat pillow to be both ironic and awesome, especially since, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently adopted two new cats of my own.  The best part about this pillow is that it totally looks like a real cat when styled amongst other throw pillows on the bed.  If I didn’t already have two real cats of my own, I’d totally get this.

Tuesday Web Candy

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