Things Making Me Happy: 10.19.20

Things Making Me Happy: 10.19.20

Happy Monday!  I’m oddly looking forward to this week, a week that still feels like a blur…eight months in to COVID quarantine.  On Saturday I dropped off my election ballot and, my god, did that feel GOOD…then I had a socially distanced picnic with a few friends; I live for my friend picnics and I’m feeling very lucky to live in LA where we can continue to do them even through the winter months (so sorry east coast and midwest).

Anyway, I’ve been toying with the ideas of doing a “things that make me happy” type post on a weekly basis…and given that we can certainly ALL use a bit of happy on a COVID Monday, I want to see how this goes 🙂

Let me know what you think!

Things Making Me Happy: 10.19.20

Things Making Me Happy: 10.19.20

Silk + Sonder Bullet Journals

To be totally honest, I was always intrigued by bullet journals but they always seemed a tad bit anal? Like who has the time to be hand drawing graphs and charts and tracking every time they sneeze or have a mood swing? Not me.  But after randomly stumbling upon Silk + Sonder on Instagram, I decided to give bullet journaling a whirl; the reason I love this brand, in particular, is because each page has a pre-made chart or graph, etc. So that it basically guides you in the bullet journaling process.  It’s only been few weeks but I’m really loving the process and I DO feel more organized and like I’m accomplishing more small goals.

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Things Making Me Happy: 10.19.20

Shine Dice

Pills? Nope.  These are actually customized Shine Dice that are your prescription for “a daily dose of shine.”  Every morning I roll the dice and get an affirmation to remind myself to be bright and find my own success.  There are 216 possible outcomes you can get with these dice and they’re all super positive and encouraging. These make a great gift, just sayin’.

Things Making Me Happy: 10.19.20

Sonya Dakar Blue Butterfly Calming Toner

I’m already a huge fan of Sonya Dakar’s Blue Butterfly Balm (coming to the blog soon!) but Sonya (aka my west coast mom) recently launched a trio of treatment toners and, naturally, I had to try the Blue Butterfly toner version.  This blog post on Sonya’s site explains why you need a toner and a little more info on the three different toner launches (I wrote it, btw), but the Blue Butterfly toner is specifically for sensitive skin and would be great for all skin types.  This natural toner, with an extra-gentle formula, is formulated with blue butterfly flower, olive leaf and gotu kola, all working together to nourish, refresh and, most importantly, calm skin. Every time I spritz my skin it’s like an instant calming and cooling sensation…plus you get the benefits of using a toner in general (i.e. reduced pores, etc.).

Sivan's Flavorful Pasta

Sivan’s Flavorful Pasta

I love following Sivan on Instagram but I especially LOVE her food content.  I feel like we like all the same foods and her recipes are simple, yet healthy and filling.  So I recently tried this flavorful pasta recipe from her IG Reels and it is SO GOOD.  Legit, I’m making it again tonight.  HERE is the recipe.  You’re welcome.  I use my favorite red lentil pasta and, like I said, fully obsessed.

LUV SCRUB Mesh Body Exfoliator

LUV SCRUB Mesh Body Exfoliator

Lastly, I bought this mesh body exfoliator bath cloth a few months ago and I continue to just friggin’ love it.  It’s honest-to-god the best and easiest way to wash your body (especially your back!). And my body has never been softer or smoother.  LUV SCRUB is a Black-owned business, and the bath cloths have been used in West Africa for generations, and for good reason!

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