Rating 5 Celebrity Wines

Today’s celebrity wine rating post was basically inspired by a combination of TikTok and the pandemic; it’s true – soooo many of us have been drinking at home for the past year and, I don’t know about you guys, but I started to get realllll creative with some of my alcohol orders, lol.  At one point I was doing orders by country (still laughing out loud as I type this) because I feel like I traveled the world from my couch after trying new wines from Spain, New Zealand, Italy and France.  Not to mention my trip to Mexico with two new tequilas (fun fact: I still like Casamigos best for margaritas; sipping tequila is a different story).

Anywho, as I did research for this blog post on which celeb wines I wanted to try, I learned one kind of crazy fact: there are DOZENS of celebrity wine brands.

Like ones you’ve probably never even heard of.

I sent several screen shots to my friend Gaby, who is a former People reporter and clearly knows her celeb info, and even she was shocked at some of them.  But, that said, I selected five that are totally on brand for HJ readers and I’m very curious to hear what you guys think so make to sure to comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Oh and btw- I ordered all five of these wines online since I’m trying to be COVID safe.  If you want to try any (or all) of these, and have them shipped directly to you, use my referral link HERE – you’ll get $30 off your first order!


Things Making Me Happy: 3.1.21

Hotel Lobby Nuit candle | Things Making Me Happy: 3.1.21

Hi friends!

It’s been awhile, I know.  Truthfully I needed to take a little break last month…it’s just been a LOT dealing with the sale of my dad’s condo (even harder being 3,000 miles away while doing so), among other things like a little thing called COVID quarantine, etc.  You know- just fun times! (This is sarcasm because you always have to laugh).

That said, it’s a new month…my birthday month and a month that feels like a bit of a fresh start for me, in many ways.  I don’t know about you guys, but I always love when a new month starts on a Monday, right? 🙂

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My latest skincare (almost) empties

As a beauty blogger of almost 15 years (also, OMG to 15 years!), I don’t have to explain to you how many beauty products I try.  The hardest category to test, yet also my favorite?  Skincare.  Skincare is the hardest really only because most skincare products need to be used for at least a few weeks for you to actually see results, you know?  Typically, I only test skincare products that have super intriguing ingredients or claims so that I know that I’m not wasting my time/going to ruin my skin.

Yet lately…I’ve been finding myself using certain products down to the VERY LAST DROP and, gotta admit, my skin has looked pretty, pretttty, pretty good lately 🙂 (Larry David reference – if you now, you know).

Today I teamed up with JAFRA to share a few of the products from their brand that I use and am absolutely OBSESSED with. READ MORE

Things Making Me Happy: 1.11.21

Things Making Me Happy: 1.11.21

Well, what a doozy last week was…

You may have noticed that I took a little blogging/podcasting break for the holidays and, yeah, it was definitely needed.  I have a blog post coming later this week where I talk about my COVID travel experience (highly requested over on Instagram) and, honestly, after the madness of last week I’m still kind of just reeling and trying to gather up my thoughts and feelings on what is already a crazy start to 2021.

In the mean time, I spent all of yesterday doing a slight digital detox (ok, I DID check Insta quickly about three times, lol) and doing lots of reading (more on that below).

I hope everyone has a great week!  Make sure to check back later for more posts. Or even easier, you can sign up for my blog post updates at the “Subscribe” drop down at the top of the blog.


My 2021 Goals

My 2021 Goals

2020. WHAT A YEAR, AM I RIGHT?! Truth be told, I haven’t written out any goals on intentions since 2017, mostly because I usually prefer daily or weekly habits versus stuff that’s like “I will do X 25 times in X year”. I don’t know about you, but this year feels different for me; I want all the goals for 2021, which is why I partnered with JAFRA today to share what I’m planning for the new (and hopefully better) year for all of us. READ MORE

Things Making Me Happy: 12.7.20

Things Making Me Happy: 12.7.20

Hi friends!

So last week I definitely dropped the ball on blog content, lol (oops).  But this week I’ve got tons of fun coming out, so don’t worry.

Today is my first day of pre-travel COVID quarantine and, I mean, I’ll be totally honest when I say that changes very little in my day-to-day schedule, ha.  More on my holiday plan soon. I’ve basically re-created a moon landing with the safety protocols that I’m doing. And I’m sure exactly no one is shocked to hear that 🙂

Here’s what’s making me happy this week…