Tuesday Web Candy

I’m loving Devon’s chic bar cart…I’m obsessed with the idea of having one, as dangerous as that idea is – DevonRachel

13 lipsticks for people who hate lipstick, like myself – Fashionista

Lately I’ve been feeling some 90s style, which is when I was really into the idea of clear pursesLe Catch

DIY projects that your PET will love. OH yeah – Buzzfeed

Alyssa is the cutest pregnant lady EVERThe Sparkly Life

Veronica Mars, the movie?!  Kickstarter raised more than $2mm today, no joke – Refinery 29

Nina Dobrev’s skin is pretty fantastic…here’s what she usesInStyle

photo via InStyle.com

Wildfox Recreates The Entirety Of “Clueless” In 49 Glorious Pics

When I first saw that when LA brand Wildfox did an entire lookbook inspired by my all-time favorite movie Clueless, well I was like “totally buggin’.”  Here are my favorite shots of the bunch.  And you can see all 49 shots HERE. As it.

Gym class bonding with the new girl

Lucy, where’s my white collar-less shirt from Fred Segal?!

Cher, my thighs, they don’t feel nothin’ like steel.

Classic movie promo pose.