How To Look Chic While Wearing Pajamas

My uniform, sophomore year of college

I spent an entire semester of college wearing an orange Hofstra hooded sweatshirt and black velour sweatpants.  Why? No reason, in particular.  It was winter in New York, which meant that it was cold and rainy and I had a weird class schedule that allowed me to sleep until 11 AM every day.  It was pure heaven.

After seeing this story on pajama fashion and this photo of Rihanna wearing pajamas to a club, I was reminded of a conversation that I had freshman year of college with a guy friend (who I later dated). I’m my mother’s daughter in the sense that I think that every stranger I see is either A, trying to rape me or B, trying to rape me and then kill me.  So naturally, when my roommate told me she was going across campus at 10 PM by herself, I insisted that she let me walk her.  This plan didn’t really make sense since once she left, I would then be alone, so I asked the guy friend if he wanted to come for the walk.  He said yes and I responded with “ok, cool…let me just change.”  He stared up and down at my outfit, which consisted of purple drawstring pajama pants and a grey Hofstra sweatshirt and said “why are you changing?”  This question confused me.  Pre-college, I wouldn’t have been caught dead walking around in my pajamas…let alone with my hair in a ponytail.  I was taken aback and became kind of frazzled by his response so I just murmured “ok, um…yeah, I guess this is fine…we’re just walking across campus, right? Haha.”  I tried to laugh off my own silliness, even though I didn’t think it was so silly.  Now, at 29, I LIVE for wearing pajamas and sweats.  Granted, I usually wear nice sweats but nothing gives me more joy than not putting real clothes on for an ENTIRE WEEKEND.  Here are a few tips on how to look chic while wearing your pajamas in public:

1-) Don’t wear anything with stains or rips.  That’s homeless person chic, but not in that Olsen twin kinda way.

2-) Carry a nice bag.  You might be wearing blue striped PJ pants from Target but you’re also carrying a $800 Alexander Wang bag. It’s called high/low, ladies.

3-) Wear expensive sunglasses.  Aside from the fact that they add to the high/low factor (see above), they’ll also cover the dark circles and bags under your eyes…since I’m sure you also don’t wanna put any makeup on. Duh.

4-) Walk with an attitude.  You’re wearing your pajamas.  Outside in public.  You need to exude that “I don’t give a shit” ‘tude and show everyone that you’re comfortable and you don’t care.

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Coach ColorTag – you could win a gift card!

I’ve always loved Coach and over the years they’ve done some really fun and innovative campaigns that I can really get behind.  They just launched ColorTag to celebrate their new, colorful, Legacy Collection and are giving away more than 100 gift cards (ranging from $100 to $500) that will appear to my readers at random!

For a chance to win, just share the above on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. (roll your mouse over the green image)– I chose JADE as my color of choice.  Remember, “chic is where you find it.”  Here’s my Jade inspiration:

Kenneth Jay Lane Coral and Jade Cocktail Ring: I love the color combo and who doesn’t love a cocktail statement ring?

Amanda Rudley “Lollies” Emerald Jade Jawbreaker Earrings: These remind me of a pair of clip-on jade earrings that my Grandmother gave me when I was little.  They’re very vintage looking and I love the boldness of the stone.

Coach Leather Legacy Mini Crossbody: I love a bag with a pop of color and crossbody bags are so fun and wearable.

Obsession: Double Finger Rings

Ask any of my friends what my signature jewelry piece is and they would say my “Jamie” name ring.  I got TONS, and I mean TONS of compliments on the somewhat-ghetto ring that I bought myself a few years ago after seeing Lauren Conrad’s double name ring on an episode of “The Hills.”  But I’m honest, and I have no shame in my game so when people ask me where I got my awesome ring, I tell them “uhh, I just googled ‘Lauren Conrad double name ring’ and I found THIS random site.”  $99 for sterling silver and $255 for 14K gold…it ain’t a bad deal.  After my Jamie ring became one of my regular accessory staples, I started noticing double name rings everywhere and with some really fun designs and I guess I kind of started a collection, at this point.  Right now I’m loving these doozies. (clockwise)

“Melissa” Double Finger Name Ring

Jessica Elliot Double Floating Finger Candy Ring (also featured here)

Four Star Double Ring

Wavy Two Finger Ring

Dara Ettinger Mimi Druzy Double Ring in Rose Gold

DIY Neon Necklace Statement Piece

I’ve always been a crafter but over the years, I definitely haven’t dedicated as much time to “creating” as I should. Michael’s, pretty much the best craft store ever, approached me with a challenge to create a summer statement piece and naturally, I was thrilled to take them up on the offer. Confession: I’ve been dying to make this amazing neon statement necklace that my DIY friend Kristen created a few weeks back. Ok, so my statement piece wasn’t exactly my idea but nonetheless, I’m still super excited about it and totally obsessed with my creation (inspiration above).

Kristen got her necklace at Forever21 but I actually already had an old rhinestone necklace that I bought for Halloween and my Moulin Rouge Christina A. costume. I then used Michael’s CraftSmart Acrylic Paint Neon Paint Pot to paint each individual rhinestone, which gave me the best neon colors and since I didn’t really need much paint to cover each rhinestone, the little pots were the perfect size to purchase.

BONUS! Michael’s has a great online coupon, valid starting July 3! Get it HERE.

The result!


FTC Disclosure: Michael’s provided me with a $50 gift card to purchase any items I needed to complete my statement piece but all opinions are my own.