Inspired By: “sober January”

So last month I decided to do a little cleanse/experiment where I didn’t drink any alcohol for the entire month of January…31 days to be exact.  I like to call this crazy project “sober January” and I’m happy to report, it was a total success. 

Admittedly, it ain’t easy to refrain from a glass of wine here or a vodka soda (aka “a Linds” as Amber from BeautyBloggingJunkie.com taught me) there but I managed to do it…and it felt great.  Here are the items that got me through my Gwenyth-like project.

Seltzer: Whether you call it “soda water,” “club soda” or seltzer, it is and, will always be, my favorite non-alcoholic beverage.  And when you add a little lemon, it makes you feel like you’re (almost) drinking a vodka soda (a Linds).

Urban Decay Clean & Sober: One, I love the name and two, I love the mermaid on the packaging.  This gel-based makeup remover is oil-free and contains mild cleansers coupled with soothing botanicals like jasmine, sacred lotus and a touch of lavender for a calming scent.

Amy Weinhouse “Rehab”: The hit song from 2007 (?) always put me in a soulful, jazz-type mood.  I actually really like the whole “Back to Black” album for when I feel like I should be a hipster living in Williamsburg…or the LA equivalent, Silverlake.

Diptyque Mimosa candle: Now I know this candle doesn’t smell like an actual mimosa drink but I like the irony, nonetheless.