Highlights from George Papanikolas and Joico, my new product love

So if you’re a loyal reader of my blog then you know a few things about me 1-) I love all things Gwen Stefani 2-) I like any beauty products that smell like food and 3-) I’m very picky about my highlights.  I recently had the opportunity to try out the fabulous George Papanikolas at West Hollywood’s Andy Lecompte Salon.  If you haven’t heard of George, you probably don’t read Us Weekly or People because he has A-list celebrity clients like Nicole Richie and Sarah Michelle Gellar and he has them for good reason.

Not only was George insanely nice but he actually listened when I tried to explain the exact shade of blonde that I covet and he even humored me when I pulled out my iPhone and showed him my Facebook photo (oh yes, I did it).  His secret weapon?  Well besides his amazing belayage, George uses Joico products and on me he used Joico’s Hair Repair System, which helps repair and lock in color.  Personally, I loved the smell and my hair felt super soft and shiny when I left the salon.  I think I might have found my LA colorist…it’s about time.

Highlights with Rita Hazan

So I was recently given an awesome opportunity to try out one of the country’s most sought-after colorist, Ms. Rita Hazan.  Rita is known for setting beauty trends and reinventing the locks of some of your favorite celebs so needless to say, I was elated when I found out Rita was available to see me during her monthly trip out to the West coast.

I headed over to the Andy Lecompte salon in West Hollywood on a gorgeous, sunny Sunday afternoon.  I was a little nervous, considering I was about to meet such an epic colorist but I managed to pull it together and have a really amazing hair transforming experience.  Rita spent a few minutes talking to me about my hair and then decided that she wanted to lighten my base before applying my blonde highlights.  Who am I to argue with the master?  The result?  Though the shade isn’t as blonde as I normally like it, I do really love the beautiful hue.  It’s a golden blonde that looks really natural and is blended to perfection.

Bonus- Cacee Cobb, aka Jessica Simpson’s BFF, walked into the salon to chat with Rita and the staff and I got to hear tales from her travels while filming The Price of Beauty.  Love it.  This photo was taken the day after visiting Rita:

(a little blurry but) me, Nadine Jolie and Abby Gardner at Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood