The O2 Diet

So I bought a copy of The O2 Diet a few months ago and I only now just decided to get my ass in gear and really get going with it.  I just finished up the four day cleanse and ladies, I lost almost SIX pounds.  Yes, you read that correctly.  SIX POUNDS IN FOUR DAYS.  I saw the results almost immediately- after only one day, my stomach was flatter and I felt full with none of my usual late night food cravings.  Now when I say “cleanse,” a lot of people (including myself) get freaked out.  Most women have tried one of those liquid cleanses at one point or another but The O2 Diet cleanse includes FOOD.  In fact, during the four days, I ate more food than I usually eat and shhh, I even skipped a snack or two because I simply just couldn’t eat another thing.*

The O2 Diet is based on foods that are high in antioxidants (mixed with lean protein), which protect the body from damage by free radicals so you’re not only eating yummy fruits and veggies and losing weight, but your skin will also glow and your overall energy level will go up.  In fact, antioxidants have been proven to also prevent cancer and slow down the aging process.  Believe me, I can attest to this 100%.  I never believed that I would actually lose any more than two pounds during the cleanse but now I’m officially hooked.  This is a realistic diet, in fact, I can’t even really call it a diet because it’s really more of a lifestyle change.  My favorite O2 discovery?  Artichokes!  They make a brilliant snack and they’re jam packed with antioxidants and other benefits (including benefits for your skin!).  I have myself the weekend off and now I’m about to start Phase II where I’m allowed even more food and some food items that I wasn’t able to eat during the cleanse.  Stay tuned for updates.  I just made a shopping list and I’m already excited.

*note, the snacks are crucial to keeping your metabolism up so try not to skip anything, if you can.