What I Want In My Apartment…NOW

Ever since moving into my LA apartment, I’ve become totally obsessed with home decor.  Naturally, it’s taken me awhile to find my style and decide what I want (aka being able to afford what I want) but right now I’m craving a few more essentials that I’m hoping to buy myself in early (maybe?) 2012.

Jonathan Adler Whittier Lamp, $395

Pier 1 Hayworth Pedastal Table, $170

Target Wire Capiz Sunburst Wall Mirror, $68 (on sale!)

West Elm Essex Dhurrie Ottomon-Geo, $599

10 Tips to Glam Up Your Apartment

Ever since I moved to LA two years ago, I’ve been way into decorating my apartment.  Naturally, I didn’t have a job when I moved here (I mean, duh) and so I had to be pretty resourceful when it came to purchases and cheap and chic little tricks. Michael Craig, interior design expert and founder of Dinette.com, shares his 10 budget-friendly tips with us below on how to glam up your apartment on the cheap.

1. Less is More.  Take away unnecessary items that distract the eye from the main event.  De-clutter.

2. Jazzy pillows.  Add some pillows to spice up your boring sofa.

3. Orchids.  Orchids always add class to any apartment – make sure to water accordingly and watch them spread cheer.

4. Add a shiny bowl to your tabletop – nuts look great in a glitzy silver bowl.

5. Put a runner on your tabletop.  Not only does it protect, but it also adds charm and style.

6. Candles.  Adding the opportunity for a romantic moment is always classy.  Go easy on the scent!

7. Edit your framed pictures – too much is too much!

8. Live plants.  Putting a live plant in your home is never wrong – but proportional size is key.

9. Rugs and runners.  Add a runner or rug to give warmth to your space.

10. Dimmers are key – mood lighting always helps controls the ambiance.