The Monday Rundown

Chocolate Chip Cookie Greek Yogurt:
 I’ve been on a big greek yogurt kick lately so when I came across this recipe that explains how to turn it into something that tastes like CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH, I mean…this is basically heaven in a bowl.

Love Heals Wrap Bracelets: Available at one of the coolest stores in LA, Planet Blue, not only are these bracelets super cute but I also love the fact that Love Heals, a California-based company (btw), plants 10 trees in Ethiopia for each design sold.  To date, more than one million trees have been planted, which is pretty rad, as they say here in Cali.

WTF Do I Wear Today? Canvas Art Print: Since I ask myself this question pretty much EVERY morning (and yeah, sometimes afternoon), I really love the idea of hanging this canvas print up so I can laugh at myself.

Zoey Van Jones ZVJ EyebrowShaping Stencil Kit: Not to brag but my eyebrows are naturally pretty awesome.  I really don’t have to do much work on them and believe it or not, I’ve never had them waxed or threaded!  My sister, on the otherhand, recently royally effed up her brows.  And I mean that she effed them up to the point that she was crying and Face-timed me so I could see how they look.  It was bad, I can’t lie.  I wish I had known about these stencils before she took the tweezers to her face and made a HUGE mess!  She’ll be getting these in the mail ASAP to prevent any future brow mishaps.

Ideal Woman Collection by Allie Pohl

When my friend Katie tells me that I need to meet someone, I listen.  Allie Pohl, a very talented artist and jewelry designer, just moved to LA from Denver and we planned a little girl date at Shutters by the beach in Santa Monica so we could discuss LA and her collection, Ideal Woman, over cocktails.

Now, I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of “art” Allie was into exactly, since when I asked Katie about it she said “she designs vaginas,” in true Katie fashion.  Allie filled me in on the actual story, vaginas included.  Allie created a series of sculptures using Barbie and Chia Pets to explore the cultural trend of women not wanting any body hair, which is what led to her Ideal Woman collection.  “I was captivated by the shape of the midsection and started to explore different ways to appropriate the shape,” she told ELLE.com.  “Creating a jewelry line was a way to bring my mesage into pop culture and simultaneously be a part of pop culture.”

Personally, I’m obsessed with the mirror version and what’s really cool about these necklaces is that most people would never guess what it actually is, until you explain it and they go “OMG, that’s awesome,” which is what I get every time I wear mine.  As a bonus, Allie is an all-around awesome girl and I’m sure we’ll be enjoying many more beach cocktails together.