Bachelorette party gift ideas

So every year more and more of my friends are getting engaged and I’ll admit- I loathe this.  But what can you do?  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?  Might as well have a little fun with the situation.  Here are my top three party favor ideas…and no, none of them have anything to do with a plastic penis.

FingerVibe – It’s teeny tiny and super quiet…the ultimate party favor for any bachelorette.

Booty Parlor Kissaholic Kissing Kit -An aphrodisiac plumping lip gloss and breathe mist, this duo (which comes in a naughty box shaped like a box of cigs) is really all you need for a night out.

Boobie Tassels -Admittedly, I really only think these are funny because the packaging actually says “Boobie Tassels.”