The Hair Files: Balayage at Warren-Tricomi (and a head shot preview!)

Truth be told, I’m a total slacker of a blogger as of late.  For those who don’t know, I recently launched a hilarious (if I do say so myself) new website called AnnoyingAtTheGym.com and guys, finding those hilarious photos take some serious work.  I somehow let it slip through the cracks that back in October I got to visit the famous Warren-Tricomi salon in West Hollywood and I’m not quite sure how this happened, in all honesty.  It’s probably what I like to call “balayage shock” because as you’ve read before, I have an almost unhealthy obsession with my hair color and I discovered that THEY DO BALAYAGE AT WARREN-TRICOMI LOS ANGELES.  It requires all caps because, believe it or not, this quite rare on the left coast.  My girl in New York introduced me to balayage and I’ve been hooked ever since I realized that it’s beneficial for the following reasons: (and yes, I’m using bullet points cause that’s how serious I am about this)

  • They allow for “freehand highlighting.”  With foil highlights, you take four or five inch sections of hair at a time and sometimes you wind up overhighlighting your hair because of the large surface area.  Balayage allows for more strategic color application since the stylist paints pretty much wherever they think you need it.
  • No foils = less brassiness.  Brassy blonde hair is the devil, according to me.  Foil conducts heat and processes hair faster and more aggressively, which is one of the main causes of that gross orange color that happens to me.


But I digress.  My appointment was originally with Kaz Amor who I was desparate to see after talking to Nadine Jolie about who did her hair such an amazing shade.  I met with Kaz and he took at look at my hair…he immediately said “you know what?  Have you ever tried balayage?”  It was like he could read my mind.  I pretty much gave up on even asking stylists in LA if they did it…so I was pretty much speechless when Kaz said, “I would love to do your hair but I really think balayage would be the best thing for you…and I have someone else here who does it REALLY well.”  SOLD.

And the result?  Well I recently had head shots taken.  OK, you can laugh.  Please feel free to comment “ooooh my god.  Jamie you are SO LA now.”  Yes, ladies, I now have head shots.  But you know what?  My hair color looks damn good…so say what you will about selling out, but you can’t knock the hair.

P.S. – this photo is un-touched…I’m still waiting on the photoshopped version where you will most likely confuse me for Heidi Klum.  Stay tuned.