The Monday Rundown

Trying out a new format this week!  If you’re not familiar, I started doing The Monday Rundown as a roundup of four things (1 from each category: beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food) that make it a little easier to get through the worst day of the week…Monday.  Let me know if you like the new format or if you prefer the old look.

Spent the weekend with the above view.  Malibu is truly a gem of Southern California.

I recently took my first ballet class in about three years…and holy hell, am I sore.

Chiptole is probably one of my biggest guilty pleasures and I treated my self to a delish chicken fajita bowl on Saturday afternoon.

I’m not huge into lipstick (I prefer gloss) but when I found out that this beauty was named specifically after my friend Meg, I HAD to try it.  And yes, I love it just as much as I love her.

Summer To Do


You may have noticed my abundance of summer-inspired posts lately…well, I can’t help it.  Summer is a time for relaxation, hope and, most of all, FUN.  Here’s my list of to do’s:

  • Go to happy hours in Century City and Downtown LA: two places I hardly ever go!
  • Go to The Magic Castle: my friend Molly took a bunch of us there last week and this place is a-mazing.  It’s old Hollywood glamour meets sci fi fantasy fun.  Plus, it’s super close to my apartment.
  • Go to the Yamashiro Farmer’s Market: At least once a month!
  • Hike Runyon: it’s across the street.  Enough said.
  • Take ballet classes: I miss ballet in my life and I need to stop being scared of looking stupid in front of the “professional” dancers.
  • Go back to Catalina Island with my friends!
  • Take tennis lessons: almost all of my friends play tennis…it’s one of those sports I’ve always wanted to learn but never did.  It’s time.
  • Remember to go to the beach (Malibu and the South Bay–the strand is AMAZING)
  • Remember to use my roof: the pool, the jacuzzi, have guests over, swim laps, etc.