BAND-AID Brand by Cynthia Rowley

So I’ve been a long-time fan of fancy band-aids.  I remember my mom bought me all kinds of fun band-aids when I was little and I mean, I had them ALL.  The Little Mermaid, Barbie, animal prints, metallics…I took my band-aids pretty seriously back in the day; I had quite the collection.  Strange?  Maybe.  I always thought well hey, if I’m gonna cut myself, I might as well look cute after doing so.

Over the years I stuck to the regular flesh-colored version but now…I’m thinking about switching back.  BAND-AID Brand by Cynthia Rowley, yes please.  I’m obsessed with Cynthia Rowley’s new designer version on the classic band-aid.  And, even better, for every purchase (they’re $10 for a pack), Cynthia will donate to Design Ignites Change, an organization that engages students in design and projects that address pressing social issues in their own communities.  Look out now- you might just see me strutting around town in the sequin version.