Spa day with the girls

So I was recently thinking about a Beauty Party I had about two summers ago and I’m thinking it might be time for another one!  Working in the beauty industry and blogging as much as I do, I do get lots of product, some of which I know I’ll never use, so what better way to have a fun girls night, right?  Last time I sent out an email to about 10 friends but this time, I’m taking it up a notch.  Erin Condren makes the cutest “spa day” invitations, which make me feel very adult and I’m totally obsessed.  It’s two years later so might as well class up the party a bit!


  • Cocktails (last time I had each friend bring one bottle of wine)
  • Snacks/appetizers
  • Tons of beauty loot
  • Current music hits (anything Justin Timberlake, JayZ, Lady GaGa, etc.)
  • The classics (aka Paula Abdul, New Kids on the Block, Vanilla Ice) – I’m telling you, nothing is funnier than re-living elementary school