Beauty Flashback: glam makeup compacts

So I’m really starting to obsess a bit over fancy makeup compacts. As a little girl, I remember how much fun I used to have going through my Grandmother’s makeup drawer and playing will all of her makeup and accessories…I even did this after she passed away (1987) because it reminded me of how much I loved her and how beautiful and classy she was. These three compacts are somewhat reminiscent of my Grandma Betty’s own collection but I also found some great vintage compacts on Etsy for a more realistic feel. I think it may be eBay time…I’m about to start a collection.

Clockwise: Jane Iredale Mini Matte, Jay Strongwater Limited Edition Coral Compact, Lancome Color Design Limited Edition Sensation Effects Eyeshadow Quad

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket!

So I got a little preview of a beauty product and I literally had to laugh out loud. Remember those pens they sell at Spencer’s (and other kitschy type places) where you turn them upside down and the guy’s boxers come off? HELLO. Sort of sick…yet sort of hilarious? That’s what I’m saying! Well now Urban Decay is bringin’ it back with their “Pocket Rocket” lipgloss! I’m sad that I have to wait an entire month to buy one of these babies (available at Sephora)! What an awesome gift…

Beauty Flashback: Avon Odyssey

So my mother used to always order beauty products from the Avon lady while I was really little. She, of course, used to drag me along to any Avon parties and I’d always be there if the Avon lady came over so naturally, I had to get something too. My first perfume was Avon’s Odysssey perfume. I’m sure my mom only bought it for me to shut me up but little did she know that to this day, I can smell Avon Odyssey on someone a mile away. I can still remember looking at the bottle and feeling so grown up because none of my friends had “grown up” perfume like Odysssey. Memories…

Beauty Flashback: ck one

So I’ve decided to occasionally do a “beauty flashback” to my childhood favorite beauty products, just for s&g’s. The first, oh so appropriate, choice is Calvin Klein’s ck one. Do you remember this fragrance?! It was sooooooo cool to wear Calvin Klein back in middle school…I wanna say around 7th grade for me? I bought my first bottle at Macy’s in the mall and fell in love. I even ended up buying some back-to-school type gift set that came with a black messenger bag, a grey notebook, pencils and a pencil case. Memories…