Vodka: Ohhhh so many options

Kids, who would’ve thought that my favorite kind of hard booze had SOOOO many uses?!  Not me, that’s for sure.  I recently saw a BellaSugar article that made me start thinking that I need to research the many uses for the clear liquid.  And, away we go:

  • Deodorize laundry: Forget to wash your favorite pair of jeans?  I haven’t tried it yet (oh, but I will), but apparently you can sray a little vodka on your clothes to freshen them up, Febreeze style.
  • Soothe jellyfish stings: As someone who got a jellyfish sting in the inner thigh before, I can personally attest to the fact that yeah…it HURTS.  Thankfully, the boat guys had some amonia but it’s good to know that if they didn’t, I could just make my way to the nearest pub.
  • Preserve cut flowers: Not that I get flowers very often (unless they’re from my DAD), but apparently adding a little vodka and a teaspoon of sugar makes cut flowers last longer.
  • Clean your jewelry and razors: I always (sorta) knew vodka was an antiseptic but I didn’t know that it could actually CLEAN objects like razors and jewelry.  According to BellaSugar, drop your razor (blade side down) into a cup of vodka and the alcohol will disinfect thne blade and stave off rusting.  Kind of amazing.
  • Freshen your breath and/or feet: Ok, so you’re not supposed to actually swallow, duh, but vodka makes a pretty sweet mouthwash.  Swish about a half shot around your mouth for 30 seconds.  AND, if you have stinky feet, much like your dirty clothing, vodka will also help with killing the odor.
  • Add shine to your hair: Now, this I HAVE to try.  Multiple websites say that adding a shot’s worth of vodka into your deep conditioner will lower your hair’s pH, helping the cuticles to close, and sealed cuticles mean tons of shine and not so much frizz.  AWESOME.

But, if you’re lazy like me, here’s a hot set of vodka shot glasses and LUSH Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, an awesome scrub that already has vodka in it.

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