Kelly Taylor Chooses Jeans (Over Dylan and Brandon!) in this new Old Navy Commercial

When I first saw THIS new Old Navy commercial with old Beverly Hills 90210 stars, I literally almost died.  90210 was a part of my childhood and I used to have a gigantic poster of Luke Perry up on my bedroom wall.  Dream crush!  Say what you will about Luke Perry and Jason Priestly, I want to know what Jennie Garth is using on her skin because she is REVERSE AGING.  In the meatime, I reached out to Old Navy’s reps and got the details on what Jennie is wearing in the TV spot.  Super cute.

Top: women’s long jersey linen tee in yellow stripe

Jacket: women’s drawstring military jacket in alpine tundra

Jeans: Old Navy Famous Jeans in The Diva fit (also seen in skinny and boot-cut)

Kelly choose JEANS over Dylan and Brandon in this commercial but she chose HERSELF on the show.  You can view the clip HERE.

“I choose me.”

90210 senior prom vs. Beverly Hills 90210 senior prom

I think it’s officially safe to say that when it comes to the battle of the 90210’s, the original will always win.  You see, the CW network is smart and they used the former stars (Jennie Garth, Shannon Doherty, Tori Spelling, etc.) to lure us original fans in and basically get us hooked…and it worked.  However, when I watch the new episodes lately, I find myself saying “god, where the hell is Kelly?!  Your sister is MANIC.”  And here in lies the problem.  I’m really just so over 90210 2.0…and last night’s incredibly boring senior prom episode may have just been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

How can you compare an episode that started the legendary “Donna Martin graduates” chant to some stupid story line with Naomi and her geeky (yet still very attractive) boyfriend.  Seriously?  These photos have me remembering the GOOD times (and I can still hear the chanting…”Donna Martin graduates, Donna Martin graduates…”)

Note: make sure to also check out my Beverly Hills 90210 tour from when I first moved to LA.




Image: BuzzSugar.com

The Beverly Hills 90210 tour, as created by moi

So the rain has cometh here in the normally sunny Califor-i-a.  Luckily for me, I managed to talk my friends into going on an old school 90210 tour with me last Saturday.  We laughed, we ate Chipotle, we drove all. over. Los Angeles to find the houses of the epic cast of the original Beverly Hills 90210.  Enjoy.  BTW- none of these houses are actually in Beverly Hills.  Go figure.

Yes it is.  It’s Casa Walsh- home to Jim, Cindy, Brandon and Brenda and then eventually Steve and Valerie.  Yup.  I almost melted.



Dylan McKay’s house which, ironically enough, was only four houses down from Casa Walsh.


My friends in front of Steve Sanders’ high school house.  That Samantha Sanders did pretty well for herself, huh?


Kelly Taylor’s high school house (and Jamie C. on the right).


Stay tuned- Kelly and Donna’s beach house and West Bev High are on the list for this weekend!