A return to my skincare regimen: Biologique Recherche

So, I’m sad to admit that over the past two months I’ve strayed away from my go-to skincare regimen that cleared up my adult acne and gave me clear skin…and now, I think I might be having an adult acne relapse!  Lesson learned- stick to what works!  You may have read my rave review on NadineJolie.com of one of the best skincare lines I’ve ever used, Biologique Recherche.  I tried out a new bar product, and while it works very well for some people and definitely did help with my rosacea, it didn’t help my breakouts at all and actually made the broken out area very dry and irritated.  Yesterday I decided to call it quits with the bar and went back to my own little miracle (in three bottles), and my skin is ALREADY better and getting back to normal.  Stick to what you know works, kids…and also give Biologique Recherche a whirl.