OBSESSED: Black & White

I’ve always had a thing for the combo of black and white when it comes to fashion but this spring, it’s honestly just been EVERYWHERE, which is fab.  I had a black and white-themed 30th birthday party, had a mini BFF black and white birthday dinner and, now, I find myself wandering around the interwebs in search of my next black and white purchase…it’s a sickness.  Here are my latest favorites:

1. Milly Kiera Clutch: Probably the ultimate go-to clutch that will match almost anything.  I need this.

2. Tarte Cosmetics Buffy Bamboo Face Powder Brush: As you know, I’m obsessed with all things packaging when it comes to Tarte, and this b&w makeup brush is no exception.

3. Dorothy Perkins Deco Dip Dress: A b&w dress never, I repeat NEVER goes out of style and this particular dress is not only cute…but also under $60.  Seriously.

4. Rosegold Zane Woven Booties: At first glance, I had mixed feelings on the heel of these babies…but after a few minutes, I become a fan.  I love the woven chevron and would wear these with jeans AND with a bright colored dress.

5. Z Gallerie Zig Zag Frame: My apartment is already very b&w and this frame will fit nicely into the mix, and at a decent price.