Bliss Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask

Every once in awhile I like to do a mask but when I heard about Bliss’ Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask, I HAD to try it (rubberizing is what really caught my attention- not gonna lie).  Designed to temporarily envelop the skin’s surface, this rubber mask absorbs into the skin, peeling back to reveal purged pores and renewed skin.  The mask is also packed with skin brightening ingredients like vitamin C and Bilberry, which help refresh the skin.

Once I realized that I had to actually mix the mask myself, I was a little hesitant since I’m definitely lazy, ha, but it was surprisingly super easy and honestly kind of fun to make! The only thing that was more fun was the rubber peeling itself.  Hint: make sure to apply more than you think you need, which makes the peeling experience even better.

The pack contains six masks (one per week = six weeks worth of rubber fun) for the very reasonable price of $38.