Highlights with Rita Hazan

So I was recently given an awesome opportunity to try out one of the country’s most sought-after colorist, Ms. Rita Hazan.  Rita is known for setting beauty trends and reinventing the locks of some of your favorite celebs so needless to say, I was elated when I found out Rita was available to see me during her monthly trip out to the West coast.

I headed over to the Andy Lecompte salon in West Hollywood on a gorgeous, sunny Sunday afternoon.  I was a little nervous, considering I was about to meet such an epic colorist but I managed to pull it together and have a really amazing hair transforming experience.  Rita spent a few minutes talking to me about my hair and then decided that she wanted to lighten my base before applying my blonde highlights.  Who am I to argue with the master?  The result?  Though the shade isn’t as blonde as I normally like it, I do really love the beautiful hue.  It’s a golden blonde that looks really natural and is blended to perfection.

Bonus- Cacee Cobb, aka Jessica Simpson’s BFF, walked into the salon to chat with Rita and the staff and I got to hear tales from her travels while filming The Price of Beauty.  Love it.  This photo was taken the day after visiting Rita:

(a little blurry but) me, Nadine Jolie and Abby Gardner at Dan Tana’s in West Hollywood

TouchBack gray hair marker

So I’m not very happy admitting this but I have some gray hair.  I’ve been randomly finding them since I was in middle school but now they’ve deciced to clump together a bit on one side of my hairline.  It’s fun.  Even though everyone tells me that it’s not noticable (thanks to my light blonde hair color), I ALWAYS notice it and it drives me nutso AND the grays tend to grow in a bit thicker so they stick out even more!  UGH.  Anyway, I was lucky enough to try out the TouchBack marker specifically designed for gray hairs.  I tried out the lightest blonde shade that they offer, Golden Blonde, and even though it was a bit darker than expected, it definitely did the job.  Every morning for a week I washed and blow dryed my hair as usual and then applied the TouchBack using the little comb that combs with it – which prevents the dye from getting on your scalp and helps separate the hair so that you can see all the grays that you want to cover.  I LOVE this and it’s really a great option for when you’re trying to stretch out the time in between root touch-ups.