I Do Tattoos? Yes.

So I know that wedding season is pretty much over but I came across this really unique product and had to share.  It’s called I Do Tattoo.  I know…I was scared too at first but this idea is actually pretty genius.  What is it exactly?  Well it’s a blue colored temporary tattoo.  Personally, if I were to get married tomorrow, I would have no idea what blue item to wear…and I Do Tattoo makes it pretty easy.  You can simply apply one of their blue temporary tattoos and you are covered- bad luck be gone.  Think tattoos are tacky?  They definitely can be and most people probably don’t want their dolphin ankle tattoo from 1994 showing on their wedding day, right?  Well you can just apply it somewhere discreet like your upper thigh or back, etc.  And there’s a bonus- you get TWO tattoos…one for practice and one for the big day…AND the blue case that they come in also serves as a cute photo frame when you’re done.  Win win!