The anti-Valentine’s Day gift guide

So yeah…I don’t have a Valentine this year.  I actually think I may have jinxed myself back in the 11th grade when I decided to wear all black on Valentine’s Day, in protest, naturally.  But I digress.  You won’t find some “win your way into his heart” type of Valentine’s Day round up on THIS blog.  In fact, last year I did a “V-day, not VD” mini gift guide that featured sexually named hair gel and a quote from Lady GaGa about carbs and good sex.  Anyway, here’s my 2010 version- a rundown of super cool Valentine’s Day must-haves that you can use with someone or alone.

Bristols6 makes the sexiest Nippies, which, let’s be honest are cute for under clothing or just while wearing nothing else at all.

Booty Parlor Don’t Stop Massage Candle is pure genius, in my book.  It sounds too good to be true but this candle is actually also massage oil.  Yup, that’s right, ladies.  Does your BF have a hot wax fetish?  I hope not…but if he does, this is a good compromise.  The wax is made from a rich blend of shea butter, vitamins A &E, jojoba, olive and coconut oils and clean-burning natural soy wax.

Too Faced Mood Swing Lipgloss is emotionally-activated and high on shine.  Personally, I’m interested to see if a guy would even notice if I HAD lipgloss on but it would be pretty hilarious if, after burping at dinner, your lips suddenly turned hot pink.  Just saying.

Diptyque, one of my most favorite brands, came out with this fabulous candle – Rooibos vanilla, to be exact.  And, a portion of sales from this candle helps to provide medicine to people living with HIV.

I mean, this is probably NOT the most appropriate Valentine’s Day item if you actually do have a Valentine…but if you don’t, this is the only thing you really need (well, except maybe what you’re about to see…keep reading).  LUSH The Ex Factor bath bomb was inspired by a plan to rid the world of the memories of useless men, something every girl can use!

These look so innocent, don’t they?  Body Spa Vibrating Bath Sponges will add a little extra oomph while you’re taking your nice, relaxing bubble bath on the big day.