Completely Bare Bum Facial

So bikini season is coming and one body part that’s often forgotten is your bum.  Cindy Barshop, owner of completely bare spa in New York, developed a very useful bikini/bum facial to minimize the damage from continual trauma from a bad wax, excessive shaving and ingrown hairs resulting in discoloration, scarring and hyper-pigmentation.  The treatment also treats acne, age spots and rough skin on the buttocks, ensuring that skin looks flawless in even the most itsy-bitsy of bikinis.  At the end of the treatment, skin feels baby smooth to the touch!  If you’re in New York, you should definitely check it out.

Step 1: Cleansing the area

Step 2: Crystal Microdermabrasion – exfoliates dead skin and scars of ingrown hairs


Step 3: Steaming – to help with the extractions of ingrown hairs and acne, as well as open pores

Step 4: Soothing Organic Mask – to close the pores and balance the skin

Step 5: LED Light Therapy -Green LED reduces melanoma production and pigmenation, BlueLED prevents bacteria and acne, Yellow LED detoxifies.