Kiehl’s Partners With DonorsChoose.org

We all know about my obsession with Kiehl’s…but not only do they make good products (seriously, they’re amazing), they also make good choices.  I love the fact that they are so philanthropic and what I love even more is the fact that they’re giving us a CHOICE.

In their latest do-good project, Kiehl’s has partnered up with DonorsChoose.org, so you can actually have a say where the money goes for your purchase.

Beginning March 11 through April 15, Kiehl’s will offer its 3.4 oz Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate in a specially-designed carton that highlights DonorsChoose.org. Consumers will receive a $50 Donors Choose gift code, which they can use online to donate to science and education programs across the country. You get to choose where your donation goes…I like CHOICE people…it’s all about the CHOICE. And, as an added bonus, the winning organization sends out handmade thank you notes.  Tres cute.

DonorsChoose.org is a remarkable nationwide organization that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Through DonorsChoose.org, public school teachers can post requests for their classroom, requests that can include anything from classroom computers to books, art supplies to other teaching materials. Donors can search by location, school or subject to find projects and donate to those that most inspire them. Once projects are fully funded, DonorsChoose.org then purchases the requested items and delivers them to the teacher – ensuring the funds are used specifically for the posted project.  Donors are then personally thanked with letters and photos from the teacher and students.

When all’s said and done, $50,000 will be distributed to worthy educational causes through the Kiehl’s and DonorsChoose.org partnership, which is nothing to scoff at, especially when you’re also getting an AMAZING skincare product to boot.  And where did I chose to donate?  Well, I’m from New York…and I’m absolutely terrible at math, so there you go.

Attention LA: Shop a Blogger Charity Flea Market This Sunday!

If there’s one thing I hate (among many things), it’s an awkward photo shoot but hey, when Sydne is styling it, I know I’m going to be in good hands.  This is exactly why I agreed to stand in front of a white screen wearing Sydne’s size 2 clothing (the polka dot dress is not even close to being zipped up in the back, btw) while holding my coveted beauty products.  Well there’s that AND the fact that we’re selling our stuff this Sunday at Space 1520, with 100% of the proceeds to benefit the Bill Foudation– an LA based animal rescue group.  If you’re in the area, definitely stop by because we are selling some GOOD STUFF.  And, it’s not just the two of us.  The amazing Shauna of PennyChicJoEllen Lu of Shop Tarte and Chanelle Laurence of The Penelope Times will be showing off their blogging fueled fashion retail skills. And indie designers Jenny Dayco, Shallow Fashion and Kittinhawk will also have pop up shops.

Here’s a sampling of what’s for sale AND me being a suuppper awkward model. ENJOY.                                           
                                              I can’t even with how cute Bunny looks wearing this scarf.

A big thanks to Synde for creating these amazing images and an even bigger thanks to Kelsi for organizing such a great event.  And again, this is just a sampling of some of the pieces we’ll be selling: real leather and suede jackets, trendy polka dots, CHANEL No. 5 lotion, DKNY fragrance, Urban Decay’s coveted NAKED eye palette and Jimmy Choo for H&M sandals! There will also be stacks of designer denim for $30 each (many never worn and in various sizes)!

See you all Sunday.

DANNIJO for Falling Whistles

I’ve always loved DANNIJO and I’m really into their new collection for Falling Whistles, an organization campaigning for peace in the Congo.  Today being Veteran’s Day, here in the U.S, I feel so appreciative that we have everything that we do and so touched by all of the soldiers who have died for us to have it.

The Falling Whistles campaign launched with the simple request that people make their voice a weapon by becoming a “whistleblower” for peace in the region.  The organization partnered with local leaders to advocate and rehabilitate those affected by the war, a war that has killed more than 6 million people over the last decade, including thousands of children.  I’ll step off my soap box now but these necklaces are really gorgeous and it’s just a bonus that you’ll be doing some actual good by buying one!



LUSH and Gucci For Japan Relief

So by now everyone knows about the terrible state Japan is currently in.  I was awake when the news broke about the earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan and I sat in terror and utter fear thinking about how scared the people of Japan must’ve been.  I studied abroad in Japan in winter of 2004 and I have to say, as someone who has traveled all over the world and has been to four continents, Japan is one of the most amazing, dynamic and unique places that I’ve traveled to.  It truly saddens me what Japanese citizens are facing but, at the same time, I’m also happy to see that brands are doing what they can to contribute.

Two of my favorite products?  LUSH Charity Pot which retaisl for $5 (all proceeds go to Peace Boat, a non-profit dedicated to transporting aid to those affected by the disaster) and Gucci’s limited-edition calfskin bracelet that reads “Gucci loves you.”  And yes, Gucci does love you, Japan.  In fact, while traveling around Japan, I’ve never seen more Gucci in my life so I can’t think of a better statement to make to support the Japanese people.  Gucci’s bracelet launces TODAY for $100 (quite the bargain for Gucci) and features the colors of the Japanese flag (red and white).  All proceeds will benefit the Red Cross.

Image: courtesy of InStyle.com

A Night of LUX: A Fashionable Fight Against Cancer

So the other night, the lovely Sydne Summer, of ThinkThruFashion.com, invited me to drive down to Orange County with her to attend an amazing charity event to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  The society’s own Woman of the Year nominee, Elizabeth Wahler, hosted the event at her a-mazing Corona del Mar estate and I’m talking breathtaking ocean views, infinity pool, garden, the works.  The event auction had some really fab fashion items and Sydne even bid on a sicko YSL bag…but unfortunately, she was outbid!  Regardless, we were happy to pose for pics, sip cocktails and enjoy the spectacular view for such a great cause.

Sydne Summer and myself (infinty pool behind us overlooking the Pacific Ocean)

Gift Idea: LUSH Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion

So LUSH is pretty much my new obsession and when I heard about their Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion, I knew it would be an amazing gift choice for pretty much anyone.  100% of the proceeds from this priduct are given to charities around the world that support animal rights, environmental protection and humanitarianism concerns.  On top of feeling like a do-gooder, your giftee will be left with a sick hand and body moisturizer that smells like a spring garden.  Can’t beat that.

Help a child read, courtesy of Smartypanties.com


So I saw this post on one of my favorite blogs, Smartypanties.com, and had to share.  I adore Mary-Louise Parker, Lo Bosworth AND reading.  And as for Katie, the blog’s editor-in-chief, she is one of those people you meet and just instantly know you’re going to be good friends with.  I had the pleasure of having drinks with her before I left New York and we discovered that not only do we both have a love of beauty and fashion…but also of Chipotle and designer cupcakes.  Next time I’m in New York, we are definitely meeting up for some Mexican cupcake deliciousness!  Read her blog!