What Jamie is…

I tweet a lot.  And, after seeing my girl Amber’s post on what she’s currently watching and listening to, I felt the need to share because this week has been REAL.  Side note, if you’re not already reading Amber’s blog, you should be.  So do it.

Here’s what’s on my radar as of right now…

Listening To:







Josh and Ross – Two of my favorite comedians (and, full disclosure- Ross is a friend) have joined forces in this new, hilarious radio show.  He said, he said is pretty accurate.  Expect lots of sarcasm and laughs…two of my favorite things.










Sh*t Fashion Girls Say On The Internet – P’Trique is back!  And, he’s basically living my life.  Plus guest cameos from the Man Repeller and Rebecca Black. Win, sort of win.















YSL Devoted To Fans Palette – I use the term “pure genius” quite lightly but this is 100% IT.  Inspired by Facebook, yes, FACEBOOK, YSL (the brand still changing its name to Saint Laurent Paris) will release a four-color palette that is inspired by Facebook’s colors.  The palette can be purchased on YSL’s facebook page starting TODAY for $55.  Only 1,650 palettes will be released worldwide (and only 500 in the U.S.) so grab them up ASAP.


Redbook Magazine Celebrates Its May Kardashian Issue

So on Monday night I attended the Redbook magazine Kardashian party at Sunet Tower Hotel in Hollywood, a party to celebrate Redbook’s May cover – the six Kardashian women and baby Mason!  Truth be told, I love me some Kardashians so I was thrilled to receive an invite to this particular event.

I brought my friend Chelsea to the intimate event and we sipped white wine by the pool as we chatted with my friend Salvador and the gang from “Chelsea Lately,” who I obviously love, including the super hilarious and sweet Ross Matthews and Heather McDonald.

photo credit: Michael Williams


Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

So as you may or may not know, I’m a huuuuuge Chelsea Handler fan.  I die for her blog, her TV show, her Tweets and for both of her books…and now I’m reading her latest- Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang.  It doesn’t dissapoint.  In this particular book, I love how she calls out the fact that she hates writing and even tells ridiculous stories about her now-ex, Ted, who just so happens to be the CEO of the E! network.  I’m not quite done yet but my favorite tale so far is definitely when she goes over how Ted went to Hawaii and she decided to stay home to “get some writing done.”  She ends up spending several days in her condo, wearing only a bra and panties, stuffing her face with Hot Pockets while watching the Sex and the City movie.  You can’t make this stuff up, people.  It’s just Chelsea.