Not Just (Sunday) Brunch at XIV on Sunset

So I actually haven’t “done brunch” since I left New York so when I heard about the new “Not Just Brunch” promotion at XIV on Sunset, I basically began telling people that they were obligated to check this out with me.  I managed to convince my friend Sarah to dine a la circus freak with me before a little Christmas shopping at the Century City mall and we were both really and pleasantly surprised with how fun and amazingly delicious the food is at XIV.

I didn’t really know much about XIV except that it’s super close to my apartment and that I saw Maria Menounos walking in there when I first moved to LA and was walking down the street on my way to Chateau Marmont.  Anyhow, the atmosphere is masculine but in a really chic way and the menu has yum things on it like deep fried french toast and falaffel burgers.  Yeah, I had a hard time deciding but I settled on the falaffel burger (comes with fab fries) and a mimosa cause hey, it was brunch right?  The performers, or, as I liked to call them, “circus freaks” just kind of roam around and do their thing.  We saw some fire breathers, a guy who juggled some fire sticks, a girl on stilts and plenty of ballerinas.  It was hilariously funny yet really classy at the same time.  I’ll definitely be going back and especially when people are visiting from New York because this is definitely one thing I can say I never saw in the city that never sleeps.