To Cuddle Or Not to Cuddle…Is it Cheating?

So I came across this article on CollegeCandy and I almost died. I AM the “other girl” that this chick’s boyfriend is friend-cuddling with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some cuddle whore that goes around from one taken man’s bed to the next but I’ve had my fair share of cuddle time…some innocent, some not so much. The thing that got me going about this is that this is EXACCCCTLY how things got started between me and my first love.

We met my very first day of college- September 2, 2001. I saw him and there was an instant attraction; I used to think it was “love at first sight” but I now believe that that concept is complete and utter bullshit. Ha, I’m not bitter or anything. Anyway, let’s call the soul crusher “P.” P and I were instant friends with our sarcasm, dry witt and a shared love of going out to eat and spending as much money off campus as possible. He loved my innonence and kindness and I loved just pretty much everything about him from his crooked smile to his hidden Boston accent to his confidence to his hippie flip flops (aka Birkenstocks). We bonded instantly and were soon cuddle buddies. One problem- he had a serious girlfriend who went to school in Massachusetts.

Long story short, I often slept in his bed. Nothing EVER happened, though no one ever believed me when I said that. We would just lay there and talk for hours about everything…I loved it. Being close physically to someone, even when it’s not sexual, can be an amazing experience and that’s why the girl who wrote the article should definitely question why her boyfriend feels the need to do this with someone BESIDES her. As someone who has been the non-girlfriend cuddling partner, you SHOULD be worried, girl.

More about P later…