#InstaMoments of the Week

Black eyed Susans in Long Island, NY

Waiting at LAX

My father’s stationary MacBook.  It never leaves the desk.  And he uses a mouse.

My nephew Mark, aka Batman

Happy hour in NYC with all my besties, including Jessika, who apparently stalks my blog

My dad.  Doing dad-like things in my sister’s new house

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If your dad is like mine, he’s nearly impossible to shop for.  I’ve seriously bought the man at least 15 navy blue and/or black Lacoste shirts and at this point, I was almost totally at a loss for ideas.  I decided to get a little creative this year and here’s what I’ve come up with that will work for MOST dads.

CaseMate Waddler iPhone Case: My Dad carried around a Zack Morris cell phone for years and I admit, he still hasn’t upgraded to a Blackberry or iPhone but if he did, I’d totally get him this hilarious case.  Who doesn’t love penguins, right?

Crate&Barrel French Fry Seasoning: I’ve inherited a lot from my father – my nose, my feet, my face shape, my freckles…and, of course, my love of all things potatoes.  We share a mutual love of french fries and I remember him making them in the oven growing up (and then the sweet potato version as we got older and more health-concscious).  These amazing seasonings would’ve been the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Violight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer: Pretty innovative, if you ask me.  We spend hours upon hours man-handling our cells every day and when I think about all the bacteria the screen receives, I kinda get nauseous.  My Dad has always been preachy about germs and keeping things clean so I know he’d totally get into this little gadget.

Jack Spade Bacon Money Clip: Money clips are “so money,” no pun intended.  And men love money…and bacon.