Three Questions With Paul Walker

I can’t pretend for even a minute that I don’t love the movies She’s All That, Varsity Blues and Pleasantville…plus, and this is a HUGE flash back but hello, Mr. Paul Walker has been on my man bucket list since 2006.  Seriously, that was one of my very first blog posts ever.  But I digress.  After meeting Paul, I realized he’s a totally normal, down-to-earth nice guy who has a real passion for marine biology (specifically with sharks), cars and Budweiser…on top of loving his new campaign for Davidoff Cool Water cologne.

Q: What products do you use, besides Cool Water, obvs?

A: I’m a water guy…my hair doesn’t need shampoo or conditioner and I really like Dr. Bronner’s cause you can wash your clothes with it, wash yourself…and I like the smell of both the Peppermint and Eucalyptus.

Q: What got you interested in working with Davidoff Cool Water?

A: I have a really intimate relationship with the ocean and Davidoff Cool Water is the quintessential ocean fragrance.  In junior high all the guys wore Cool Water…I think Snoop Dogg brought it back (Paul then did a mini rap; see video link below!)

Q: So why is it exactly that Budweiser is your choice beer?

A: I decided that I liked Budweiser before I even tasted beer.  It’s red, white and blue, it’s American and it’s the king of beers…marketing totally works.  What more could you want?!

** make sure you also check out Sydne Summer’s YouTube video where I hijack the interview at the end and ask Paul what he thinks about jeggings and Paul does a mini Snoop Dogg rap. **