MAC Launches A Dessert Line (For Your Face, Duh)

You guys know about my obsession with beauty products that smell like food, so it should be NO SURPRISE that I’m clearly excited about the April 11th online debut (in-stores on April 18th) of MAC’s new limited-edition Baking Beauties Collection.  I can’t even give an accurate description of the sugary line, because I’m THAT excited.  Ok, that’s slightly crazy but I can tell you that it’s a sugary mix of pastels with a face powder that has a cake pattern etched into it.  I kind of hate when brands do cool designs in powder compacts because it truly makes me not want to actually USE THE PRODUCT and then I end up keeping it for years and, once again, prove how gross I am.  Anywho, make sure you check out the limited-edition collection stat.

The Monday Rundown

Last week I debuted “The Monday Rundown” with my latest dress obsession and a birthday cake in a jar among other delights.  This week I’ve put together a list that I think just might top the last.

Rebecca Minkoff Foxy Cut-Out shoes: These immediately caught my eye, for obvious reasons.  The photo actually doesn’t even do them justice because you can’t really see that the wedge is actually cut out.  LOVE. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: If you read the new issue of Lucky magazine, then you saw my girl Maura’s rave review of this stuff.  She’s not lying.  As I’ve said a million times, I’m so not a lipstick person…but this Lip Cream truly is an amazing hybrid between gloss and ‘stick.

Pier 1 Blue Terracotta Frame: I’ve always been a sucker for a gorgeous picture frame.  I really love the color of this one and the unique design makes it a great birthday or hostess gift for a friend.

Flowerpot Cakes: Like I mentioned in the last Monday Rundown, I have a weird obsession lately with unique cakes.  This one is awesome because it actually looks like a flowerpot and would probably fool most people.  Oh Martha, you’ve done it again.