My 2011 Tan-spiration

Every year around this time, it hits me (once again) that I am incredibly pale.  I spent years trying to fight it, years learning to accept it and even more years trying to find the best products to give me even just a subtle hint of color.  Ironically, even at my most tan, I’m still paler than most of my friends but I digress.  With every new summer season comes a ton of new “innovative” and “revolutionary” self-tanning products but honestly, sometimes the classics really are the best.  Here are my latest faves…

LANCOME Flash Bronzer: This product was made famous in the beauty world by Lucky magazine’s Beauty Director, Jean Godfrey June, and after trying it out for myself a few years ago, I’m totally hooked.  You get real, natural-looking color with a subtle hint of shimmer that makes the skin look all illuminated.

Dolce & Gabbana Animalier Bronzer: It’s new, it’s limited-edition and I love it.  Obviously.  Besides the fact that it’s probably one of the most glamourous beauty products ever, this bronzer actually really is awesome but I can’t lie- I really only bought it because I invisioned myself opening it up at a bar and looking like Sophia Lauren.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray-On Perfect Legs: I used this product for the first time during Halloween (in an ironic way) since I dressed up as Snooki.  I was totally surprised at how a-mazing it actually was.  My legs looked super tan, smooth and the spray didn’t come off until I literally scrubbed my legs in the shower.  I’ve also had this on and dipped my feet in a hot tub and it totally stayed on, which is the true test.

My current “tan-spiration”: Mary Kate Olsen (who I don’t normally think looks very good) looking bronzed and gorgeous in this amazing robin’s egg blue blazer and blonde highlights to die for.  I also kind of love her snake bracelet.