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Inspired By: “sober January”

So last month I decided to do a little cleanse/experiment where I didn’t drink any alcohol for the entire month of January…31 days to be exact.  I like to call this crazy project “sober January” and I’m happy to report, it was a total success. 

Admittedly, it ain’t easy to refrain from a glass of wine here or a vodka soda (aka “a Linds” as Amber from BeautyBloggingJunkie.com taught me) there but I managed to do it…and it felt great.  Here are the items that got me through my Gwenyth-like project.

Seltzer: Whether you call it “soda water,” “club soda” or seltzer, it is and, will always be, my favorite non-alcoholic beverage.  And when you add a little lemon, it makes you feel like you’re (almost) drinking a vodka soda (a Linds).

Urban Decay Clean & Sober: One, I love the name and two, I love the mermaid on the packaging.  This gel-based makeup remover is oil-free and contains mild cleansers coupled with soothing botanicals like jasmine, sacred lotus and a touch of lavender for a calming scent.

Amy Weinhouse “Rehab”: The hit song from 2007 (?) always put me in a soulful, jazz-type mood.  I actually really like the whole “Back to Black” album for when I feel like I should be a hipster living in Williamsburg…or the LA equivalent, Silverlake.

Diptyque Mimosa candle: Now I know this candle doesn’t smell like an actual mimosa drink but I like the irony, nonetheless.


Gift Idea: Sneak-It-In Disposable Flasks (for your broke booze-bag friend)

So we’ve all done it.  I’ll be the first to admit that I brought a flask to a frat party or two in college and had absolutely no qualms about it.  What’s fab about these disposable flasks is that if you need (or want) to ditch them when you’re done, you can.  It’s pretty annoying having to carry around an empty flask!  Plus, you get THREE for $15, which means that you will be very popular with your friends. 😉




Drink a little too much in LA?

So as you know, I’m totally loving the LA life.  However, one downfall is definitely the driving situation when going out.  It’s been annoying to have to plan ahead who is going to be the sober driver and if I’m driving, I have to stop at two drinks…which for me is pretty difficult, hehe.  Anyhow, I came across this amazing (and genius) new company called Y Drive LA.  It’s truly brilliant.  For only $39 a driver will come and get you, drive YOUR car home and then ride away in his/her own scooter type deal (which funny enough, fits into your trunk.  As much as I wouldn’t want to be the poor driver, I feel a sigh of relief knowing that if I DO get a little too tipsy, I can always get a ride home (and my car home safe) for less than $40.  Safe and awesome.

Sunday Mimosas

So a teacher I had in high school once told us that in college, Sunday is a day for the figment of your imagination…and even post-college, I’m finding this still to be true. There’s nothing like sitting around with your roommates while drinking mimosas (champagne and OJ delivered, naturally) and watching “Hocus Pocus,” the quintessential Halloween movie from my childhood. As we sat around, singing “I put a spell on yoooou, and now you’re mineeee,” I was reminded that Philosophy, one of my favorite brands, has a 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner and body wash that actually smells like the delectable drink. Mmmmm, I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow.